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Friday, 14th December 2007


Wish List: Tous en Train, pas en CD?

ImageThe 25th Anniversary has been a huge success already, and for us fans truly a year when “any dream can come true.” But not everything has been perfect. The merchandise, for example. Which would you rather buy, “Need Magic?” from the unsuccessful 2003 advertising or “Tous en train” from Disney Characters’ Express? The people who make the CDs think differently…

Photo Magique of the week

Photo Magique of the week

Sorcerer Mickey Marquee, Toon Studio | More Photos Magiques »

Agrabah Café to reopen, but not for street rats

ImageWhen the Adventureland pages were updated on DLRP Magic! several weeks ago, charting the ‘Closed & Replaced’ features of the land wasn’t such a magical task. But, little did we all know, one of the most mythical and frequently missed former locations would suddenly present itself for a reopening later this year. However, to experience Agrabah Café, you’ll now need to be truly “one jump ahead”

Photo Magique of the week

Photo Magique of the week

Pirates of the Caribbean at Dusk, Adventureland | More Photos Magiques »

Disney’s Hollywood Studios and what it means to Paris

ImageIf you haven’t already heard, Disney-MGM Studios is now officially no more. For only the third time in their history (following EPCOT Center and Euro Disneyland) Disney are renaming an entire park. Ending years of speculation, Walt Disney World have announced the new name — Disney’s Hollywood Studios — and a package of new additions to relaunch the renamed park. But what does this mean for Paris?

Wish List: There’s no sound in Space

ImageWalt Disney was a firm believer in “educating whilst entertaining”, and so it’s a proud moment when we realise the most popular thrill ride at Disneyland Resort Paris has been doing this for over a year — without us perhaps even realising it. What we know as sound is actually vibrations in the air, and, with no molecules to vibrate, there really is no sound in space. Don’t believe us? Just ride Space Mountain: Mission 2

Five-star luxury, bright and airy rooms

ImageThe Hollywood Tower Hotel: Five-star luxury, bright and airy rooms, not to mention a superb location. Good rates available! Yes, even though the Imagineers are trying their hardest to give The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror a dark and forboding facade, they’ve not forgotten those “little details” that “really count”. Not so much tea and coffee facilities, but at least a nice shade of green for the walls…

Photo Magique of the week

Photo Magique of the week

Crush’s Coaster, Toon Studio | More Photos Magiques »

Ratatouille infests cinemas, nibbles on tasty tie-ins

ImageSo we’re pretty much agreed that people don’t go to Disneyland to look at advertising. But we shouldn’t give movie tie-ins a bad name — some of them can turn out pretty tasty. Pixar’s latest triumph Ratatouille is right now infesting cinemas in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria, leaving a trail of advertising for Disneyland Resort Paris and a couple of special free screenings for Shareholders and AP Dream holders.

Wish List: Bye-bye billboard, hello Hyperion

Wish ListToday marks the start of a brand new weekly column for DLRP Today - Wish List. The life of a Disneyland Resort Paris fan is full of wishes, be it new merchandise for your favourite attraction, a forgetten restaurant reopening or a major project like Splash Mountain. In this new column we’ll add an item to the DLRP Wish List each week that’s realistic, achievable and would hopefully make a visit to the resort even more magical. Then, it’s up to you to either support the cause or shout us down!

Hollywood’s Sweet Success? Just prefab magic!

ImageHollywood Boulevard’s progress continues to be more than a little unbalanced, the ‘Sweet Success‘ tower still racing ahead whilst the rest of the placemaking remains as bare steel frames. Now, we know that our version of ‘Sweet Success‘ has an extra dome on its roof… but would you believe its walls also already have more detail than the Disney-MGM equivalent? C’est PrefabMagique!

Pin Trading August 2007 releases

Pin TradingIt’s the first day of a brand new month! What does that mean? A brand new list of brand new pins! Featured this month are Pixar’s brand new film Ratatouille, a Dreams of Power pin for the series celebrating the still-brand-new Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade, and a final brand new pin remembering the not-at-all-brand-new events of 1997. (Hopefully it features the 5th Anniversary rather than the Spice Girls…)

Years pass quickly in The Twilight Zone

ImageEvery time we check-in to The Hollywood Tower Hotel, the derelict Tinseltown landmark seems to have aged another whole year. As it begins to approach its final, 1950s state of neglect, our latest progress report shows letters turned inward, debris turning purple and Tower Hotel Gifts becoming a very presentable new boutique for the Studios.

‘Spooktacular’ Halloween for the 25th Anniversary

ImageA new press release has just been published confirming the main events for the 2007 Disney’s Halloween Festival. As expected, it’s a Halloween with a twist - the Pumpkinmen, Pink Witches, Stitch and the Disney Villains all return, but they’re going to be vying for attention against the regular 15th events, apparently continuing as normal. So no Maleficent dancing to “Tous en train!” then, sorry.

More gaps filled at Walt Disney Studios

ImageMissing items at Walt Disney Studios Park are being corrected at an exciting pace this year. Need an attraction with a morning “crush” to rival Big Thunder Mountain? Check. Need a ride for kids as popular as those in Fantasyland? Check. Need a big E-Ticket to get the crowds pouring? Almost-check. But what about a higher class restaurant, and a boutique in Toon Studio? They’ve begun filling those gaps too…