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Friday, 2nd November 2007


Hollywood Tower accessorised with the art of Paris

ImageThe Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a Hollywood hotel situated on a Hollywood Boulevard preceeded by a Californian original… but don’t expect its antique pre-show accessories to have crossed the Atlantic. As the latest ‘Envie de +’ magazine reveals, the art of Paris is perfect for a forgotten piece of Tinseltown.

Stitch Encounter’s chosen name goes “live”

ImageBack in June, we reported on a unique online poll to decide the final name of Stitch Encounter at Walt Disney Studios Park. This week, the overlooked fourth major new attraction of Paris’ 25th Anniversary Celebration finally has its chosen name revealed…

Boulevard builds further, full panorama uncovered

ImageHollywood Boulevard welcomes the completion of a second façade as the park’s hub at Disney Bros Plaza sees the removal of several trees. From the doors of Disney Studio 1, the placemaking movie sets now provide a full Hollywood panorama, even turning two dimensions to three.

Father Christmas Village officially confirmed

ImageYou’ve no doubt seen the construction for ‘Woody’s Roundup Village‘ in Frontierland, read the rumours of a rustic reindeer ranch theme for Christmas and noticed that Goofy will be taking over Father Christmas’ Town Square spot this year… but no official word on the project has yet been given, until today.

Red carpet rolls into new Christmas promotions

ImageThe theme of a “red carpet to Disneyland” used throughout all advertising for the 25th Anniversary Celebration extends through the resort’s seasonal celebrations this month, as seen in some rather enchanting new promotional posters for the upcoming Christmas Season, just released by Disneyland Resort Paris.

El Capitan and the golden age in colour

ImageHollywood Boulevard continues to develop at an increasingly brisk pace, its buildings taking on warm coffee colours and even real windows. As the horizon of the new street slowly comes together, a familiar Disney landmark has made a surprise visit from California… the El Capitan.

Woody’s Roundup grows with rootin’ tootin’ roofs!

ImageCritter Corral is changing fast. The former children’s farm in the sleepy backwaters of Frontierland recently began to receive some brand new wooden buildings, which have now taken on a more “Rootin’ Tootin’” appearance and some impressive roofspans for the future Woody’s Roundup.

The Twilight Zone means business, plus a new commercial

ImageThe Twilight Zone means business, and not simply with its faster-than-gravity drop. For Disneyland Resort Paris, the opening of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is their biggest new attraction launch for years, and a great chance for new and bigger business. The aptly-named DLRP Business Solutions are well aware — since last week, already advertising a very special elevator drop…

Rendez-Vous des… Rats?

ImageThe changes reported in late July for Rendez-Vous des Stars Restaurant at Walt Disney Studios Park have indeed taken place, and the park now finally holds a dining option more exclusive than counter service and more glamorous than cafeteria service (or ‘buffeteria’ as they insisted). However, one thing no-one expected was the new head chef of the reworked establishment…

Bougillumination Enchantée and Dreams of Christmas

ImageEXCLUSIVE in English. Before we’ve even had chance to anticipate the spooks and spectacles of Halloween, another giant seasonal celebration comes along and boosts itself “to the power of 15.” Disney’s Christmas Season begins on 10th November 2007, with the release this week of a brand new (not to mention spectacular) decorations visual and an exciting press release — in French. Luckily for you, we’ve translated it…

Secrets of Hollywood revealed in new concept art

ImageWhen the Imagineers presented Disney Studio 1, they commented that it presents “a Hollywood that only truly exists in our dreams.” The same could have been said for Hollywood Boulevard until recently — a project we’ve watched grow for several months, but never seen a true vision of their plans for. It all had to exist only in our minds, until this exciting new concept art came along…

(Video) Take a tour of Hollywood Boulevard

ImageWould you like to take a stroll around Hollywood Boulevard? You’ll have to wait until 2008 to take a real stroll along this movie set street, but don’t worry — you don’t have to wait so long for our promised photo and video tour of the development, offering a closer look at the effect of the changes, for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to visit Walt Disney Studios Park during these exciting months…

Halloween festival launches to the power of 15

ImageThe official website and advertising materials have now officially launched for the 2007 Halloween season at Disneyland Resort Paris, with the tagline “Halloween to the power of 15″ and a style which suggests the festival may return more to its Frontierland roots following several slightly confused years. The launch also includes the new festival logo and some photos to advertise the Disney Villains’ Halloween Showtime

Photo Magique of the week

Photo Magique of the week

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Elevator doors, drainpipes and fastpass

ImageIt’s a time of fast progress at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror as the deadline begins to loom more imposing than the 13th floor of this monster. DLRP Today visited the park with exactly 4 months to go until soft openings are said to be beginning. Join us for a quick photo tour through some of the latest details on the Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant of Walt Disney Studios Park