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Hollywood Boulevard

Sunday, 4th November 2007

Forgotten lights of Hollywood flicker into life

04-hollywoodlights-001.jpgWhat would all the landmark Disney attractions be without their nighttime illuminations? The Tower of Terror is up there with the best of them, and now testing its spectacular display of eerie colours and lights, glowing on the Marne-la-Vallée skyline…

Friday, 19th October 2007

Palm trees over Disney Studios Paris

ImageHollywood just wouldn’t be Hollywood without its palm trees. Yesterday, the first four of many giant palms were planted (or rather, “installed”) in their new home at Walt Disney Studios Park, lining one side Hollywood Boulevard. It’s remarkable what a few tropical trees can do to a skyline…

Tuesday, 16th October 2007

Hooray for the Hollywood hills! (and more…)

ImageHollywood Boulevard’s placemaking grows with more signage, a fully-realised tunnel entrance and two slices of the Hollywood Hills themselves, continuing to liven up Walt Disney Studios Park with new colours, details and architecture - whether three-dimensional or not.

Monday, 24th September 2007

Boulevard builds further, full panorama uncovered

ImageHollywood Boulevard welcomes the completion of a second façade as the park’s hub at Disney Bros Plaza sees the removal of several trees. From the doors of Disney Studio 1, the placemaking movie sets now provide a full Hollywood panorama, even turning two dimensions to three.

Sunday, 23rd September 2007

El Capitan and the golden age in colour

ImageHollywood Boulevard continues to develop at an increasingly brisk pace, its buildings taking on warm coffee colours and even real windows. As the horizon of the new street slowly comes together, a familiar Disney landmark has made a surprise visit from California… the El Capitan.

Wednesday, 12th September 2007

Secrets of Hollywood revealed in new concept art

ImageWhen the Imagineers presented Disney Studio 1, they commented that it presents “a Hollywood that only truly exists in our dreams.” The same could have been said for Hollywood Boulevard until recently — a project we’ve watched grow for several months, but never seen a true vision of their plans for. It all had to exist only in our minds, until this exciting new concept art came along…

Tuesday, 11th September 2007

(Video) Take a tour of Hollywood Boulevard

ImageWould you like to take a stroll around Hollywood Boulevard? You’ll have to wait until 2008 to take a real stroll along this movie set street, but don’t worry — you don’t have to wait so long for our promised photo and video tour of the development, offering a closer look at the effect of the changes, for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to visit Walt Disney Studios Park during these exciting months…

Sunday, 19th August 2007

First National Bank climbs, Studio Tram Tour falls

ImageDon’t worry, DLRP Today isn’t branching out into stock market reports — at Walt Disney Studios Park, there’s both movie magic in the making and movie magic in the process of being ripped apart. The Hollywood Boulevard project, after several weeks of important but less noticable progress on its façades, suddenly enjoyed a landmark week of changes to its new — and old — landmarks.

Wednesday, 1st August 2007

Hollywood’s Sweet Success? Just prefab magic!

ImageHollywood Boulevard’s progress continues to be more than a little unbalanced, the ‘Sweet Success‘ tower still racing ahead whilst the rest of the placemaking remains as bare steel frames. Now, we know that our version of ‘Sweet Success‘ has an extra dome on its roof… but would you believe its walls also already have more detail than the Disney-MGM equivalent? C’est PrefabMagique!

Saturday, 21st July 2007

New landmarks, new details on Hollywood Blvd

ImageOur previous Hollywood Boulevard update covering its new tower and dome skipped over the milestone of three new steel frame structures — for the two skyscrapers and tunnel — going vertical on the Studios’ new central street. But this development is still progressing fast and, whilst new landmarks have risen, the smallest of Hollywood details elsewhere have already begun the real theming…

Saturday, 14th July 2007

The Rooftops of Hollywood, coo what a sight!

ImageThere’s no Mary Poppins connection, but these rooftops certainly are a sight. From plain steel frames surrounding The Hollywood Tower Hotel, two buildings on the future Hollywood Boulevard have suddenly leaped ahead with their own themed rooftops already in place. Apparently, the realism of these “movie sets” even stretches to a speedy construction!

Saturday, 23rd June 2007

Brickwall on the Boulevard, Gone Hollywood gone vertical

ImageThe varied ensemble of Hollywood Boulevard buildings around the mighty Tower of Terror continues to provide us with an excellent supporting cast for the main player. Brilliant to watch, ever-changing and sometimes quite unpredictable - construction has taken another huge leap since our last update just a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, 31st May 2007

Hollywood Squares

ImageAt the Studios, preparations for the Toons’ grand opening are starting to be overshadowed by the rising square frames of its second placemaking and expansion project. The entire front of the Tower of Terror is becoming hidden from view, and guessing games continue about the identity of the façades to come… But do the fans have the right answer?

Saturday, 19th May 2007

Hollywood setbuilding continues

ImageTypical. You wait years for a Tower and then three come along at once! After Paris’ own Hollywood Boulevard was begun with the framework of an ‘Off the Page’ tower recreation, along comes a whole new building framework in just a matter of days. Granted they’re not quite the 183-ft monster of the real Tower behind, but their impressive, towering frames already give hope that this Hollywood might be more than just the expected façade.

Wednesday, 9th May 2007

The Boulevard of Dreams begins

Hollywood Boulevard - a boulevard of dreams, so they say. In Paris, nothing more than a lonely steel frame. But every dream must begin somewhere, and for the new Hollywood Boulevard of Walt Disney Studios Park, this first major visible progress is an important step forward, for now we can almost believe the dream is real.