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Disney Stars & Motor Cars Parade

Friday, 10th August 2007

Disney’s Hollywood Studios and what it means to Paris

ImageIf you haven’t already heard, Disney-MGM Studios is now officially no more. For only the third time in their history (following EPCOT Center and Euro Disneyland) Disney are renaming an entire park. Ending years of speculation, Walt Disney World have announced the new name — Disney’s Hollywood Studios — and a package of new additions to relaunch the renamed park. But what does this mean for Paris?

Tuesday, 27th March 2007

Stars & Motor Cars - a second new 15th parade?

We just welcomed the new parade for the 25th Anniversary - so is that it? The way things are going, certainly not. The rumours which took flight way back in January 2006 have suddenly taken another step closer to truth, as time is called once again on the run of Disney Stars & Motor Cars Parade in Florida…