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Sunday, 16th September 2007

Rendez-Vous des… Rats?

ImageThe changes reported in late July for Rendez-Vous des Stars Restaurant at Walt Disney Studios Park have indeed taken place, and the park now finally holds a dining option more exclusive than counter service and more glamorous than cafeteria service (or ‘buffeteria’ as they insisted). However, one thing no-one expected was the new head chef of the reworked establishment…

Thursday, 16th August 2007

Agrabah Café to reopen, but not for street rats

ImageWhen the Adventureland pages were updated on DLRP Magic! several weeks ago, charting the ‘Closed & Replaced’ features of the land wasn’t such a magical task. But, little did we all know, one of the most mythical and frequently missed former locations would suddenly present itself for a reopening later this year. However, to experience Agrabah Café, you’ll now need to be truly “one jump ahead”

Tuesday, 31st July 2007

More gaps filled at Walt Disney Studios

ImageMissing items at Walt Disney Studios Park are being corrected at an exciting pace this year. Need an attraction with a morning “crush” to rival Big Thunder Mountain? Check. Need a ride for kids as popular as those in Fantasyland? Check. Need a big E-Ticket to get the crowds pouring? Almost-check. But what about a higher class restaurant, and a boutique in Toon Studio? They’ve begun filling those gaps too…

Friday, 20th April 2007

Suzy & Perla’s royal invitation

Since the start of April, L’Auberge de Cendrillon has been overrun by ‘Les Fantasies de Susy et Perla’ as the two mice from Cinderella launch a new restaurant concept for Disneyland Park. The Cinderella inn-themed restaurant in Fantasyland has long allowed you to dine “like” a princess, but now you can dine in presence of one!