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Pin Trading

Tuesday, 4th December 2007

Pin Trading December 2007 releases

December releasesUPDATED 5/12. Here they are — the December 2007 pin releases! Why the excitement? It’s the grand opening month of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and amongst all that falling and screaming, prepare to be buying some wonderful themed Hollywood Tower pins… exclusive to Tower Hotel Gifts!

Saturday, 3rd November 2007

Pin Trading November 2007 releases

Pin TradingNovember’s circus of pin releases at Disneyland Resort Paris look set to bring us an enchanted Christmas with dreams of romance, the buzz of Walt Disney Studios, and the… Hannah Montana of… two parks’ chateaux? Yes, the full list is here!

Thursday, 1st November 2007

Tower of Terror: 22nd December 2007

01-tower22nddec-00.jpgThe Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will open on Saturday, 22nd December 2007. The biggest and most important single new attraction to open at Disneyland Resort Paris since 1995′ is due to open its creaking hotel doors to the public a full three months before the press and VIPs get a look.

Thursday, 4th October 2007

Pin Trading October 2007 releases

ImageChristmas comes early, Halloween appears as expected, Once Upon a Dream continues and no less than two retrospective pins take us back in time to 1999 and 2000… it’s the October 2007 pin releases! Also includes an announcement for this month’s Pin Trading Night.

Sunday, 2nd September 2007

Pin Trading September 2007 releases

ImageSeptember 2007 is here already. Before we know it, the seasons of Halloween and Christmas will have taken over the Disneyland Resort Paris schedule. But before then, there’s still some late Summer magic and another great list of pins to wear your wallet out with. Once Upon a Dream Parade, Stitch Invasion, 25th Anniversary Retrospectives and an early Halloween spook all await this month…

Wednesday, 1st August 2007

Pin Trading August 2007 releases

Pin TradingIt’s the first day of a brand new month! What does that mean? A brand new list of brand new pins! Featured this month are Pixar’s brand new film Ratatouille, a Dreams of Power pin for the series celebrating the still-brand-new Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade, and a final brand new pin remembering the not-at-all-brand-new events of 1997. (Hopefully it features the 5th Anniversary rather than the Spice Girls…)

Tuesday, 3rd July 2007

Pin Trading July 2007 releases

ImageYou wouldn’t know it from the weather recently, but the Summer season is almost here! Another month, another list of must-have pin releases including 14th July pins, Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade series, Stitch invasion, EuroDisney years and more Pirates of the Caribbean. Not a vast amount of pins (only one featuring Stitch! shock!), but it seems they’re going for quality over quantity this month…

Friday, 1st June 2007

Pin Trading June 2007 releases

ImageIt’s the first day of June, and the Pin Trading Team aren’t wasting any time announcing their huge release schedule for this month. Pin traders and collectors, get your wallets at the ready - we haven’t seen a month this big, so full of must-have pins, since the craze began in Paris back in October 2001!

Tuesday, 1st May 2007

Pin Trading May 2007 releases

Another month begins and another series of brand new Pin Trading releases make their way to the magic. After the extravagant 25th Anniversary boxed sets and limited editions of April, May looks set to be far more relaxed. The Aristocats and Cars get their own 4-pin sets, Mickey makes several appearances and Stitch takes another break.

Friday, 20th April 2007

Pin Trading April 2007 releases

The grand launch of the 25th Anniversary celebration - and our lengthy coverage over the weeks which followed - have caused this releases announcement to get pushed right back. But still, the releases aren’t over for this month yet - so here they are in full, along with some images of the special anniversary pins released so far.

Friday, 2nd March 2007

Pin Trading March 2007 releases

The resort’s pin releases for March 2007 have now been announced, giving us an idea what to look out for over the next 29 days. As usual, the list is basically a series of Princess or Stitch variations (they’re now onto such must-haves as “Angry Stitch” and “Tired Stitch”), but luckily St Patrick’s Day and the 25th Anniversary Countdown add a few interesting releases to the month.

Wednesday, 31st January 2007

Pin Trading February 2007 releases

5/02/2007: Updated with artworks
More Stitch, more pirates, more Jack Skellington - this can only be another month’s Pin Trading releases! But luckily there’s also a few new characters thrown into the mix - how about Mickey as a Jedi, or Minnie as Princess Leia, for example? A special Valentines pin, the next 25th Anniversary countdown pin and Stitch’s ongoing Walt Disney Studios invasion are all present and corrent, too.

Tuesday, 2nd January 2007

Pin Trading January 2007 releases

Welcome to 2007! Happy new year! What better way to start this incredible year of magic than with a look at this month’s pin releases, featuring an extra-special pin already available in the stores, marking 100 days until the 25th Anniversary begins.

Saturday, 2nd December 2006

Pin Trading December 2006 releases

Here is the full listing of December 2006’s Pin Trading releases - it looks set to be a busy month! Along with Christmas and New Year pins, there’s a jumbo Nightmare Before Stitch pin, three 4-pin sets, Tinkerbell pins, family pins, gala Mickey & Minnie pins, a new starter kit, the long-awaited Sorcerer Mickey 2007 edition and the next Stitch Invasion WDS pin…

Thursday, 16th November 2006

Pin Trading November 2006 releases

Update 19:08 GMT: Added artworks and “Minnie Disguise” series.
Yes yes, apologies that I’m a little late with this announcement, but then Disneyland themselves haven’t even found the time to post the pin releases online, and if you look at the newly relaunched official UK website there’s no Pin Trading pages at all! Anyway, I digress… the November pins!