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Sunday, 4th November 2007

‘Dreams of Christmas’ lineup confirmed

04-dreamschristmas-00.jpgWith Christmas Season now just days away, the full lineup for the first festive edition of Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade has been confirmed. The parade will indeed remain intact throughout the entire festive season, joined by a special finale of… you guessed it, Christmas dreams!

Tuesday, 9th October 2007

Woody’s Roundup right here, today!

ImageWoody’s Roundup has pulled on its cowboy boots and opened for business already, this past weekend! Greeting guests months earlier than expected, the area now functions as both a Halloween makeover workshop and meet ‘n’ greet with the “Roundup Gang” — Woody and Jessie — themselves.

Monday, 24th September 2007

Father Christmas Village officially confirmed

ImageYou’ve no doubt seen the construction for ‘Woody’s Roundup Village‘ in Frontierland, read the rumours of a rustic reindeer ranch theme for Christmas and noticed that Goofy will be taking over Father Christmas’ Town Square spot this year… but no official word on the project has yet been given, until today.

Sunday, 23rd September 2007

Red carpet rolls into new Christmas promotions

ImageThe theme of a “red carpet to Disneyland” used throughout all advertising for the 25th Anniversary Celebration extends through the resort’s seasonal celebrations this month, as seen in some rather enchanting new promotional posters for the upcoming Christmas Season, just released by Disneyland Resort Paris.

Thursday, 13th September 2007

Bougillumination Enchantée and Dreams of Christmas

ImageEXCLUSIVE in English. Before we’ve even had chance to anticipate the spooks and spectacles of Halloween, another giant seasonal celebration comes along and boosts itself “to the power of 15.” Disney’s Christmas Season begins on 10th November 2007, with the release this week of a brand new (not to mention spectacular) decorations visual and an exciting press release — in French. Luckily for you, we’ve translated it…

Tuesday, 11th September 2007

Halloween festival launches to the power of 15

ImageThe official website and advertising materials have now officially launched for the 2007 Halloween season at Disneyland Resort Paris, with the tagline “Halloween to the power of 15″ and a style which suggests the festival may return more to its Frontierland roots following several slightly confused years. The launch also includes the new festival logo and some photos to advertise the Disney Villains’ Halloween Showtime

Tuesday, 31st July 2007

‘Spooktacular’ Halloween for the 25th Anniversary

ImageA new press release has just been published confirming the main events for the 2007 Disney’s Halloween Festival. As expected, it’s a Halloween with a twist - the Pumpkinmen, Pink Witches, Stitch and the Disney Villains all return, but they’re going to be vying for attention against the regular 15th events, apparently continuing as normal. So no Maleficent dancing to “Tous en train!” then, sorry.

Friday, 20th July 2007

Bastille Day goes with a bang, without blunder

ImageIn pictures and video. If there’s one thing Disneyland can do well (when they’ve permission, at least), it’s big fireworks. Unfortunately, guests at the Bastille Day events of 2006 might not have been too sure, watching in confusion as none of the large shells burst into the sky as they should have done. For this 25th Anniversary year, though, luck hasn’t strayed from the side of the resort for one moment…

Friday, 29th June 2007

Disney Village to host European Festival of Martial Arts 2008

ImageThose rumours (or rather aspirations) that the Formula-1 French Grand Prix could be heading to Disneyland Resort Paris continue to simmer away, but another (albeit less major) sporting event has been confirmed for the 2008 season. Long after the 25th Anniversary Celebration rolls up its red carpet, Disney Village is scheduled to host a new European Festival of Martial Arts - with streetmosphere and special events for regular guests.

Friday, 1st June 2007

Once Upon a Dream for Christmas and Halloween

ImageThe latest issue of the Shareholders Club newsletter has just been published, with countless features and updates from the 25th Anniversary events. As a primary source of communication to shareholders, the resort must always push their new investments to the full - as well as providing updates for the Disney fans amongst the investors. The latest issue features one very important update - just what will happen to Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade during Christmas and Halloween?

Thursday, 15th March 2007

St Patrick’s Day 2007 programme

After a hugely successful launch in 2006, Disneyland Resort Paris will once again celebrate everything Irish for St Patrick’s Day 2007. This Saturday 17th March will see a “grand” celebration with Irish music, dancing, fireworks and unique character costumes at Disneyland Park, and the full programme can be seen here…

Sunday, 7th January 2007

Remember… Christmas Past?

With the lights fading on the park’s fifteenth Christmas season, it seems a good time to step back in time and remember what happened on Christmases past. The Lights of Winter, Mickey’s Nutcracker Parade, Sparkling Christmas Fireworks… do you remember them all?

Sunday, 7th January 2007

The Nighttime Christmas Parade - with special guests

In Video. La Parade de Noël became La Parade de la Nuit for the final two weeks of Disney’s Christmas Season, thanks to the extended opening hours of Disneyland Park and the shortened hours of daylight. For the very first parade of 2007, the park marked the occasion with two special guests next to Father Christmas - the 2007 ambassadors of Disneyland Resort Paris.

Wednesday, 3rd January 2007

New Year’s Eve 2006/07

New Year’s Eve - the busiest day of the year at Disneyland Park, but the resort wasn’t given any favours when it came to the weather. As heavy showers and strong winds battered the park, the clock ticked down to midnight. Long queues, wet weather and a trimmed down fireworks show… could the magic break through to give a satisfactory soirée? With video.

Thursday, 28th December 2006

Merlin l’Enchanteur breaks the spell

In 2001, the popular “Sword in the Stone” streetmosphere show of Fantasyland, running since 1992, was banished from the royal kingdom forever. Now, over 5 years later, Merlin has finally broken the spell and returns five times a day for a limited time only!