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Thursday, 18th October 2007

Blockbuster thrills tested by Corbin Bleu

ImageBetween promotion for his new album and High School Musical 2, Corbin Bleu took the time to enjoy some of the biggest thrills at Walt Disney Studios Park during his visit on Monday, including favourite Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and a brand new experience for the American star — Crush’s Coaster!

Wednesday, 17th October 2007

Corbin Bleu closes High School Musical On Tour’s first season in Paris

ImageIn pictures. The first, extended season of High School Musical On Tour at Walt Disney Studios Park came to a close with one final performance this Monday, featuring one very special guest: Corbin Bleu, star of both the original film, its mega-hit sequal and “Jump In!”, another hit Disney Channel movie.

Saturday, 13th October 2007

Corbin Bleu to visit Walt Disney Studios this Monday

ImageCorbin Bleu, the irrepressibly “cool” star of High School Musical is set to make an unprecedented visit to Walt Disney Studios Park this coming Monday. Stars appearances are usually reserved for the press only. Not so for Corbin, who has a whole day planned to meet his fans…

Sunday, 16th September 2007

Rendez-Vous des… Rats?

ImageThe changes reported in late July for Rendez-Vous des Stars Restaurant at Walt Disney Studios Park have indeed taken place, and the park now finally holds a dining option more exclusive than counter service and more glamorous than cafeteria service (or ‘buffeteria’ as they insisted). However, one thing no-one expected was the new head chef of the reworked establishment…

Friday, 3rd August 2007

Ratatouille infests cinemas, nibbles on tasty tie-ins

ImageSo we’re pretty much agreed that people don’t go to Disneyland to look at advertising. But we shouldn’t give movie tie-ins a bad name — some of them can turn out pretty tasty. Pixar’s latest triumph Ratatouille is right now infesting cinemas in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria, leaving a trail of advertising for Disneyland Resort Paris and a couple of special free screenings for Shareholders and AP Dream holders.

Thursday, 21st June 2007

Toon Studio Press Event: Ratatouille characters preview

ImageRats from the sewers of Paris have infested the new Toon Studio area of Walt Disney Studios Park. The infestation became clear during the press event to mark the opening of the new land, when… wait - these are just Pixar characters! It’s time to meet the newest members of the Disney character family, as Rémy and Emile arrive in Marne-la-Vallée.

Thursday, 31st May 2007

Toon Studio: Radiator Springs welcomes travellers (Part 3)

ImagePart 3. Continued from Part 2. It’s the third and final part of our tour through Walt Disney Studios‘ own Radiator Springs at the new Cars Race Rally, and finally we reach the ride itself. Only the Disney Imagineers could turn what most say is “just a tea cups ride” into something which takes three articles to take a brief tour through. Anyway, this is where the real fun begins — ready to join the spinout?