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Fri, 26 Oct 2007 03:29:59 GMT ListGarden Program 1.3.1 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss NEW: Minnie and the Bat Boys guide http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/minnieandthebatboys/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/minnieandthebatboys/image_3sm.jpg" /> <p>A brand new guidebook page is now available for <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/minnieandthebatboys/">Minnie and the Bat Boys</a>, a superb new show on the Trick or Treat Stage for Halloween 2007. <p>Along with a transformed Gruzella, you can enjoy a great selection of Halloween-themed Disney songs performed live by the Bat Boys band and sung by the queen of the Pink Witches herself. <ul><li><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/minnieandthebatboys/">Minnie and the Bat Boys >></a></li></ul> Fri, 26 Oct 2007 08:28:55 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-26-08-28-55 UPDATED: Search, Site Map, About Us, Disclaimer http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/ <p>Some of the most important and useful pages on dlrpreview.com have been updated to their new style, most with entirely rewritten contents.</p> <p>These are <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/search/">Search</a>, <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/sitemap/">Site Map</a>, <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/about/">About Us</a> (with a new website timeline) and <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/disclaimer/">Disclaimer</a>. Not very exciting, but very necessary!</p> <p>The "refurb" of our Home area is now complete, green walls are gone!</p> Fri, 26 Oct 2007 00:43:54 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-26-00-43-54 NEW: Guidebook contents page http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/0016.jpg" /> <p>With the launch of our 2007 Halloween guides, a new "Guidebook" concept was introduced for the first time. Now, the project has progressed further. All the menus across the website have now replaced "Guides" (previously "Resort Guides") with "Guidebook", giving a much clearer name and purpose to our most important section. <p>Today, our old Resort Guides homepage (which was originally introduced as a temporary index more than 4 months ago!) is replaced completely with the new <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/">Guidebook contents page</a>. The page features a better introduction, clearer, colour-coded contents listing (which will be continued through the new guides) and a feed displaying the latest page additions and revisions. <p>The menu no doubt also gives a few clues for future Guidebook chapters as we aim to build a more "complete" guide to the resort. In the immediate future, however, the Halloween and soon Christmas season guides will now be taking priority. <ul><li><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/">Guidebook >></a></li></ul> <p>Any comments or feedback are welcome via the <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/contact/">Contact Us</a> page! Thu, 25 Oct 2007 07:33:55 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-25-07-33-55 UPDATED: Extra Extra Magic Hours for December 2007! http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/extramagichours <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/extramagichours/4_image_1.jpg" /> <p>December 2007 now has <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/extramagichours">Extra Magic Hours</a> scheduled for every single morning at Disneyland Park, from the 1st to 31st! On New Year's Eve, the park will be operating (at least for hotel guests and Dream passholders) non-stop from 8am to 1am, a whole 17 hours! <p>Previously, the first 2 / 3 weeks had no EMH on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, but an update on the official website'guides/practical/extramagichours">Extra Magic Hours guide >></a></li></ul> Tue, 23 Oct 2007 00:34:27 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-23-00-34-27 UPDATED: Scheduled Closures 2007/08 http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/scheduledclosures/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/scheduledclosures/4_image_1.jpg" /> <p>The latest attraction refurbishments can now be found on our <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/scheduledclosures/">Scheduled Closures</a> calendar, adding a few more dates up until March 2008 and correcting the Casey Jr. closure which Disneyland Resort Paris recently modified. <p>More dates might still be to come for those later months, but hopefully this is a helpful rough guide for anyone currently planning a visit. <ul><li><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/scheduledclosures/">Scheduled Closures calendar >></a></li></ul> <p>Our thanks to DCP forum legend La Rouquine for these dates - boldly sharing the useful information DLRP apparently doesn't want to! Thu, 18 Oct 2007 16:52:03 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-18-16-52-03 NEW: Goofy and the Magic Cauldron guide http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/goofyandthemagiccauldron/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/0015.jpg" /> <p>On this dark October evening, today'review/entertainment/goofy-and-the-magic-cauldron/">Goofy and the Magic Cauldron</a>, has been cooked up for our guidebook's Halloween chapter! <p>This is the first time <em>DLRP Magic!</em> has ever featured in-depth guides to these relatively small seasonal shows, and more are still to come. This year'review/entertainment/goofy-and-the-magic-cauldron/">Goofy and the Magic Cauldron ratings and reviews >></a></li></ul> Wed, 17 Oct 2007 19:30:37 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-17-19-30-37 NEW: Halloween Hair & Make-Up Workshops guide http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/hairmakeupworkshops/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/0014.jpg" /> <p>Since Disney'guides/seasons/halloween/2007/hairmakeupworkshops/">hairdressing and face painting</a> has returned each and every year to transform thousands more children into ghoulish, messy terrors. No wonder it's free. <p>As with everything else at Disney'review/entertainment/halloween-hair-make-up-workshops/">Halloween Hair & Make-Up Workshops ratings and reviews >></a></li></ul> Wed, 17 Oct 2007 00:13:21 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-17-00-13-21 NEW: Halloween Opening Parade guide http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/halloweenopeningparade/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/0013.jpg" /> <p>The Halloween chapter of our new online Guidebook has another new page to discover today - the <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/halloweenopeningparade/">Halloween Opening Parade</a> guide. <p>This pre-parade is almost "Disney Villains Parade" meets "La Cavalcade de Stitch", and can be seen 20mins before Disney'review/entertainment/halloween-opening-parade-2007/">Halloween Opening Parade ratings and reviews >></a></li></ul> Tue, 16 Oct 2007 17:33:36 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-16-17-33-36 NEW: Disney Villains' Halloween Showtime guide http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/disneyvillainshalloweenshowtime/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/0012.jpg" /> <p>Are you ready? Are you ready for Halloween?</p> <p>Horribly catchy songs from Tokyo, all the most famous Disney villains, Le Ch√Ęteau as its backdrop and a surprisingly huge cast of dancers... The new <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/disneyvillainshalloweenshowtime/">Disney Villains' Halloween Showtime</a> has turned out to be a surprisingly exciting addition to this year's festival, a great replacement for the Disney Villains Parade which was previously the season'guides/seasons/halloween/2007/disneyvillainshalloweenshowtime/">Disney Villains'review/entertainment/disney-villains-halloween-showtime/">Disney Villains' Halloween Showtime ratings and reviews >></a></li></ul> <p>Another new guide is being boiled in our cauldron ready for tomorrow.</p> Mon, 15 Oct 2007 21:43:46 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-15-21-43-46 NEW: Disney's Halloween Festival 2007 homepage http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/0011.jpg" /> <p>The homepage for our <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/seasons/halloween/2007/">Disney's Halloween Festival 2007</a> guide is now, finally online! But wait a second... Come a little closer, turn another page... <p>Welcome to the first chapter in our new, online guidebook - a new concept in testing for the Resort Guides which is officially launched today. After five years, <strong>DLRP Magic!</strong> is being brave, ditching the coloured backgrounds and clunky designs to try something new... <p>The colours are still there, but more discreet. The design is simplied into two columns - like the pages of a guidebook - and a "fold-out" side menu, for far easier navigation through each "chapter". The style of the text has changed slightly to a more plain informative style - see our <em>"Halloween en France?"</em> section for an example - and images are spread throughout the page, rather than confined to one single sidebar. <p>It's a guidebook with quick links to other pages, images which can be expanded full-size and information always up-to-date with the latest events. And it'guides/seasons/halloween/2007/">Disney'guides/seasons/halloween/2007/">So, what'contact/">Contact Us</a> form for this. Mon, 15 Oct 2007 14:59:08 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-15-14-59-08 Welcome Home... to our new homepage! http://www.dlrpreview.com/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/0010.jpg" /> <p><strong>DLRP Magic!</strong> is officially five years old this month! As part of our very own anniversary, you might have noticed the new <a href="">Homepage</a> which recently launched. We hope you like it. It's wider, flashier and a little more useful. After over a week of tweaking the design, it seems about time we introduce the new features and changes... <p><strong>Welcome</strong> - provides a more simplified introduction to the sections of the website. The previous design featured only a single-line "Welcome", so this is something which needed expanding for new visitors. <p><strong>Billboard</strong> - the large image has always been a feature of the homepage, but always static and unchangeable - until now. The new main image cycles through a selection of colourful links to the latest features on the website and at Disneyland, quickly updated for any "newsflashes". <p><strong>Featured Video</strong> - a video is now featured on the homepage, adding some more interest to the page - and word-of-mouth for Tower of Terror, right now. <p><strong>Disneyland Outlook</strong> - for years, we've wanted to be able to present the latest weather forecast seamlessly in the site, and thanks to the BBC's RSS feeds it'weblinks/">Web Links</a> sections all redesigned. We'introduction/">Introduction</a> page will be available soon, introducing the sections of the website and Disneyland Resort Paris itself. Mon, 15 Oct 2007 14:21:03 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-15-14-21-03 NEW: Bibliography http://www.dlrpreview.com/about/bibliography/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/about/bibliography/1_mainimage.jpg" /> <p><i>DLRP Magic!</i> has a lot of fun facts, histories and stories across its pages... Now, believe it or not, we didn't just pull them out of thin air. Nor did <i>all</i> of them came from the mind of an obsessive DLRP fan who'about/bibliography/">Bibliography</a>, a tribute to the excellent Disney Imagineering books which have inspired and helped the website grow to where it is today.</p> <p>If you'about/bibliography/">Take a look >></a></li></ul> Mon, 15 Oct 2007 11:26:43 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-15-11-26-43 Halloween now on DLRP Review! http://www.dlrpreview.com/review/dlrp-review/disneys-halloween-festival/ <p>Our partner service <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com">DLRPReview.com</a> has launched a selection of brand new review pages dedicated to the events of <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/review/dlrp-review/disneys-halloween-festival/">Disney'review/dlrp-review/disneys-halloween-festival/">Find out more & register to vote >></a></li></ul> Thu, 11 Oct 2007 14:07:03 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-11-14-07-03 UPDATED: Park Hours for December 2007 http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/parkhours/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/parkhours/4_image_1.jpg" /> <p>The latest <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/parkhours/">Park Hours</a> for December 2007 are now available on our calendar. <p>Park openings are until 7pm (DLP) and 6pm (WDS) weekdays with very long extended hours until 9pm and 10pm on weekends (DLP). From the 22nd, as the Christmas holidays commence, Disneyland Park remains open until 10pm every night, extended hours introduced only last year. <ul><li><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/parkhours/">Park Hours >></a></li></ul> Thu, 04 Oct 2007 02:29:54 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-04-02-29-54 UPDATED: Character Meet 'n' Greet Times http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/charactermeetngreettimes/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/charactermeetngreettimes/4_image_1.jpg" /> <p>After a small break, our <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/practical/charactermeetngreettimes/">Character Meet 'n' Greet Times</a> page returns to its usual up-to-date self, providing the latest meet 'n' greet listings for the current season. <p>The times apply up until 19th October, but strangely no Halloween specials are listed. If you'guides/practical/charactermeetngreettimes/">Character Meet 'n' Greet Times >></a></li></ul> Thu, 04 Oct 2007 02:15:25 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-04-02-15-25 UPDATED: 4 new Web Links http://www.dlrpreview.com/weblinks/ <p>We'weblinks/">Web Links directory</a> today. These include the long-running Meet the Magic Fanclub, the modern new magicfun.de, UK tourism database Whoopedia! and, oh look - our very own DLRPReview.com! <p>Go on, click a few new links - there'weblinks/">Web Links directory >></a></li></ul> Thu, 04 Oct 2007 02:07:19 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-10-04-02-07-19 UPDATED: Hollywood Boulevard guide http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/15thanniversary/hollywoodboulevard/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/guides/15thanniversary/hollywoodboulevard/2_concept_2sm.jpg" /> <p>Well well, it's been some time, hasn't it? A new update to our Guides has finally arrived after a long break, and it'guides/15thanniversary/hollywoodboulevard/">Hollywood Boulevard placemaking</a> in the spotlight. <p>The 25th Anniversary guide has been reorganised to provide more information on the "In Brief" page, leaving the main page exclusively for "The Locations". Finally, the construction page is now "Construction & History", with a timeline of events so far. A construction timeline similar to Cars Race Rally won'guides/15thanniversary/hollywoodboulevard/">Step onto Hollywood Boulevard >></a></li></ul> Sun, 23 Sep 2007 18:24:56 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-09-23-18-24-56 NEW: Restaurants on DLRP Review http://www.dlrpreview.com/review/restaurants/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/dlrpreview.jpg" /> <p>Chances are, if you've visited Disneyland Resort Paris already you'review/restaurants/">Rate & Review the Restaurants >></a></li></ul> Tue, 18 Sep 2007 23:35:20 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-09-18-23-35-20 Introducing... DLRP Review! http://www.dlrpreview.com/ <p>Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, <em>DLRP Magic!</em> is excited to today announce the upcoming launch of a brand new website, ready to test from today... <p><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/"><img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/dlrpreview.jpg" /></a> <p>Believe it or not, it was five years ago this month that the first pages of what would soon become <em>"DLRP Magic!"</em> launched online. Originally using a free hosting page template with the latest Pin Trading releases, we then launched our very own ".com" in June 2003... et voila, here we are! <em>DLRP Today</em> joined the site in July 2006 and <em>DLRP Magic!</em> is now the most visited english-language Disneyland Resort Paris website in the world, thanks in no small part to its long-running partnership with <em>Photos Magiques</em> and <em>magicforum</em>. <p>Now, after five years of magic online, it's over to <strong>YOU</strong>. <p><strong><em><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/">DLRP Review</a></em></strong> is a brand new website from <em>DLRP Magic!</em>, a place where you can rate, review and post tips for <em>everything</em> at Disneyland Resort Paris - attractions, entertainment, restaurants, boutiques and hotels. Share your experiences, help others with tips and give star ratings to <em>your</em> top destinations in this magical kingdom.</p> <p>Designed to compliment our existing Guides which have built up over the past five years, <strong><em><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/">DLRP Review</a></em></strong> now puts you in control, to create a user-generated guidebook of the most unmissable pieces of Disneyland Resort Paris. We all know the challenge of time against our Disney dreams, so this is your chance to help others plan their visit and spend their time as wisely as possible. <strong><em>DLRP Magic!</em></strong> presents the magic, its story and its history, <strong><em>DLRP Review</em></strong> let's YOU review it. <p>We're still in a "Beta" phase right now and the entire system and website is far from complete! Bear with us as more resort locations are added for your reviewing pleasure, and more design features and menu pages introduced to bring the entire website together.</p> <p>Please, register now and enjoy the website! The success of this project is entirely in your hands. <p><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/">DLRP Review</a> is your land - we hope you enjoy it!</p> <p><em><strong>- Anthony</strong>, dlrpreview.com</em> <ul><li><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/">Start voting and reviewing at dlrpReview.com >></a></li></ul> Sun, 09 Sep 2007 18:38:45 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-09-09-18-38-45 NEW: More DLRP Magic! Videos! http://www.dlrpreview.com/video/ <img src="http://www.dlrpreview.com/updates/dlrpmagicvideo.jpg" /> <p>Another new video has joined the library of DLRP Magic! Video today, and you can find it in the "latest updates" column of the <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/video/">Video homepage</a>. <p>New videos will no longer be listed here -- from now on, <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/video/feed/rss.xml">subscribe to the RSS feed</a>, check the <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/video/">DLRP Magic! Video homepage</a> or the box in the corner of the <a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/">main DLRP Magic! homepage</a> for new videos. <ul><li><a href="http://www.dlrpreview.com/video/">DLRP Magic! Video >></a></li></ul> Sat, 08 Sep 2007 21:42:40 GMT dlrpmagic-2007-09-08-21-42-40