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More than 200 DLRP Reviewers!

16th October 2007

It’s time for DLRP Review to say a big thank you…

This past weekend, our 200th member registered for the website, and the count now stands at 212 members, less than one month from when we launched! Thank you to everyone who has joined, and particularly to those who continue to contribute to this exciting project with their reviews and ratings.

We’re currently counting 246 reviews, but this number could be so much higher - if you’ve yet to post your first review, don’t be afraid! Just pick your favourite attraction, entertainment or restaurant and write a few words about why you love it so much. Alternatively, pick something which disappoints you and note down a few grumbles, so future visitors can enjoy the magic just as much as we do.

A major update is planned for the near future, bringing the website to what we’ll call “Version 0.2″, with an improved design, “top attractions” lists, easier navigation, better sign-in process and more.

Until then, please keep reviewing - DLRP Review is the website that only you can grow!

More than 200 DLRP Reviewers!