Space Mountain: Mission 2

Discoveryland, Disneyland Park

25 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 1025 votes, average: 7.84 out of 10

25 votes | Average: 7.84 out of 10

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  1. It took me three years to pluck up enough courage to go on this ride as I had never experienced looping the loop or corkscrews before. Once I had riden it I was very proud of my achievements and couldn’t wait to go back for more. Having also been on the ‘Rock N Roller Coaster’ in the Studios park I would definately say that SMM2 throws you about more. It is no where as smooth a ride but never the less it still thrills me and it definately worth lining up for!

    By junglebaggie on 9th November 2007 at 2:00 pm

  2. Oh my God, I thought I was going to die! I hated this ride, I was terrified and screamed the whole time (sorry if you were in front of me! LOL) You see I hate drops and being upside down!! My beloved husband and sister and co. conveniently obscured any of the warning signs as we queued!

    After, I said if I had known, I wouldn’t have gone on it, thats when they confessed to what they had done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Admittedly ,its funny as hell looking back, but I will NEVER go on it again.

    Its not a bad ride, its just not for me. I cant report on any effects because my eyes were screwed up tight the whole way round!!!!!! LOL

    By mandymoo on 7th November 2007 at 12:49 pm

  3. Space Mountain: Mission 2 is the best rollercoaster in the Disneyland Park. The attraction has a great design and is very well themed.

    By dagobert on 5th November 2007 at 10:57 pm

  4. Space Moutain means a lot to me; when it first opend in 1999, i was too short to ride. So while my brother and my dad were being blasted out of the enormous, beautiful cannon; i could only imagine how amazing it must be. My family would visit the park fairly regularly, and each time i was a little closer to my goal. After what felt like an eternity, i was finally able to ride; it was worth it.

    De la Terre a la Lune (as it was back then) was the most amazing ride i had ever ridden; the speed, the twists, the inversions, and the theming rendered it the best ride in the world (as far as i know). The best thing of all was the on-ride soundtrack however, which was inspiring, powerful, emotive, and highlighted every hill, fall, and turn. However, Mission 2 came along. Certainly, the ride was beginning to show signs of it’s age, the theming inside the mountain was a bit basic, and the mountain was getting a bit tatty. The re-launched version makes the use of some seriously impressive technology (though the on-ride soundtrack has a tendancy to go wrong) and the effects are jawdropping. However, they have almost destroyed the ride’s soul.

    The imagineers gave the ride a new premise, distancing it from the Jules Verne novel which inspired its first incarnation, replaing it with a dry, uninspiring theme (apparently after the success of the columbiad, they are now sending people further into space- that’s it!) The ride still has the same track, and has a faster launch (but with a countdown which eliminates the uncertain, surprise factor the old launch system had). However, the ride is not as good as it once was- it is still brilliant, but not fantastic. Also, the new soundtrack is nothing compared to the old one!

    By davidrsykes on 1st November 2007 at 7:18 pm

  5. Sorry - didn’t like this one. I must be getting old or something.

    I have been on numerous rollercoasters including this ride in Florida. I think they have gone too far with this one - you just end up getting whip lash. (Aerosmith was much better)

    I must be a wimp these days.

    By Dave Loseby on 26th October 2007 at 11:20 pm

  6. Space Mountain mission 2 was an incredible roller coaster! One of the best ones that I have been on. I’ve been on the new track at Disneyland Anaheim and although it is a lot more tame and not as jerky, SMM2 is definitely better! The inversions are great, although the first one is barely felt IMO. All and all an excellent ride!

    My score: 9/10

    By mousemickey on 25th October 2007 at 12:21 pm

  7. Brilliant theme, Great Design……. But I prefered De la Terre à la Lune (From the Earth to the Moon). I think for mission 2 they should have just done a referb on the cars, and interior.

    Tad bit rough, but apart from that it makes a great ride every time :)

    By mrshindig on 29th September 2007 at 9:37 am

  8. I had been on Space Mountain Mission 1 in 1999 and i am afraid to say it was a lot better than now.
    The launch was faster and so was the first swoop, and even if the first meters were in the dark than there was a good ambientation and most of all MUSIC!!
    Now you can see nothing, can hear nothing and chances you get off there with a bad neck and head ache are great.
    I am always worried about restylings and this is an example i am not so wrong. Shame :(

    By giuly09 on 23rd September 2007 at 9:55 am

  9. Space Mountain: Mission 2 has got very good theming, great effects and it’s a nice thrilling ride, but for me it’s way too rough. I’ll only ride it 1 or 2 times because of this. It also seems that the onboard sound system is never working, which is a shame because it adds an amazing amount of atmosphere to the ride.

    Even though it has got these bad points, it’s always a must do attraction for me every visit.

    By RnRCj on 13th September 2007 at 4:26 pm

  10. Although well themed, with some excellent special effects and a thrilling track layout, this ride is just to rough to enjoy nowadays. When I rode it last year it was really rattling around the track, leaving me with painful shoulders and a sore head. It’s a shame as the ride has a lot to recommend - the launch is great and there’s plenty to look at when hurtling round the track.

    Mission 2 is the most intense roller coaster in Disneyland Paris, more so than Rock N Roller Coaster. If you can handle a fairly wild ride you should be fine with this. The launch is not as intense as Rock N Roller Coaster.

    This is a fast loading ride but it still attracts a line. Trying riding in the morning, or grabbing a FASTPASS.

    By lloyddy on 12th September 2007 at 7:50 pm

  11. I think this is a fantastic rollercoaster. If you enter Discoveryland you can’t miss it. The first time I saw it i was shocked because I did’t think that it was so large. The rollercoaster it a bit rough but that doesn’t mather at all for me.
    Unfortunatly the music in the trains doens’t work sometimes.
    I hope they will fix that in the future…
    My score: 9/10

    By erwindeswijzen on 10th September 2007 at 3:21 pm

  12. This ride is a great ride for roller coaster lovers but is a bit rough. i would not recommend it if you dont like being shaked around or dont like the dark. All in all its a great ride for roller coaster lovers.

    By Owain on 9th September 2007 at 4:08 pm

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Roller coaster in the dark with 3 inversions and various effects.