Big Thunder Mountain

Frontierland, Disneyland Park

29 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 1029 votes, average: 9.69 out of 10

29 votes | Average: 9.69 out of 10

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  1. Best Thunder Mountain I’ve been on!! The Beggining when you race under the river….. AWESOME!

    By mrshindig on 29th September 2007 at 9:32 am

  2. One of my family favourite rides, we have been there so many times we lost the count!
    Queue can be very long during weekends but it was quite easy to ride during normal weekdays and anyway it goes quite fast. And in the last hour before the Park was closed the queue went down to about 5 minutes.
    If the weather is cloudy and windy it gets very cold on there.
    But you just need to shout out loud and you dont feel it anymore!!

    By giuly09 on 23rd September 2007 at 10:04 am

  3. This is also one of my favourite rides. The only one of it’s kind in a Disney Park to be situated on an island which makes it unique. Although I love the thrills of roller coasters that turn you upside down, which this one doesn’t, it never fails to please, it’s fast, fun and great for all ages. I would recommend you get to this ride early as the lines can build up. Enjoy the views over the rest of ther park whilst on the ride. I’m off on my 8th visit to DLRP soon and will certainly ride BTM as many times as possible. So hold on to your hats and glasses for this is the fastest ride in the wilderness!!!

    By junglebaggie on 19th September 2007 at 6:08 am

  4. This is the best ride in Disneyland Parc. An immaculately themed roller coaster that the whole family can enjoy. The ride is bookended by two tunnels, unique to Disneyland Paris, which are fun and fast. The scenery throughout the ride is humorous and well done. Although this roller coaster is fun and thrilling, the ride never enters “scary” territory which can be a letdown to some thrill seeking guests. However most guests (including me) love this ride, which leads to long lines throughout the day.

    This is probably the most popular ride at Disneyland Paris, and although it is fast loading for a rollercoaster it gets long lines quickly. The best option is to either ride first thing in the morning, or grab a FASTPASS. If you’re at Disneyland during a busy period, FASTPASS may sell out, so get one before lunchtime.

    Big Thunder Mountain is a tame rollercoaster, however some younger children may be intimidated. Most kids should find it to be a fun ride.

    By lloyddy on 12th September 2007 at 4:26 pm

  5. I agree to, it’s one of the best ride in the resort !
    It’s long, beautifully themed, really great ride. And for the queue, it might be long sometimes but I think it’s one the one of the waiting area where you don’t get bored… So much things to see.
    One thing I can’t help but notice is the noise… Those “Crr crr crr crr crr crr crr crr” in the lifts just give me headaches ! lol.
    Such a great ride to do at night too !! With that great view on the park. So beautiful.

    By thevoicewithin on 12th September 2007 at 7:22 am

  6. For me Big Thunder Mountain is an absolute must for everyone! I agree that children under the age of 5 will probably not enjoy the underwater passages, but will love the twists and turns once they are a little older. Perfect family attraction, with great themeing that actually leads you to believe you’re about to enter a gold mine! My tip is to do this ride first thing as it gets busy quickly, use the entrance to frontierland by the liberty arcade to sneak past the crowds!

    By kurglybird on 11th September 2007 at 7:20 pm

  7. This was the first ride I ever went on at disneyland resort paris and going up to it (having never gone to a theme park outside the UK) I thourght it looked slow and boring! But once I got on it, I loved it! Although my freind, who was sitting next to me decided to throw up at the end, it diden’t ruin the experience and magic. From the second I walked got off the train I was a huge Disneyland Paris fan!!!

    By benjy on 11th September 2007 at 4:22 pm

  8. This is my favourite ride. I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to the bigger rides, but this one makes me giggle and smile and make stupid noises all the way round. It’s just fast and scary enough to be fun!

    The queue is normally fairly huge, but fastpass is the way to go with this! I normally pick up a fastpass first thing and then join the queue while it’s not too bad.

    A definate for Magic Hours or later Park openings.

    By ernieprongs on 10th September 2007 at 8:21 pm

  9. This is my favourite ride in the whole resort. Big Thunder Mountain is a perfect family adventure (children should be at least 5 years I think), it’s much fun and you see a lot while driving fast around the mountain. Even people who are afraid of fast coasters should try BTM, it’s a totally unique and detailled, typical Disney-attratction!

    If possible, try to get a Fast Pass for saving time!

    By Nala_84 on 10th September 2007 at 1:35 pm

  10. Another Disney classic, which once again is better than its Florida counterpart. The themeing on this ride is out of this world, and this attraction should certainly not be missed by ANYONE! Even those slightly afraid of roller coasters or “big” rides, I’d certainly recommend trying Big Thunder Mountain - you won’t be disappointed!

    By bozzboy on 10th September 2007 at 10:23 am

  11. Big Thunder Mountain is one of the best rides in the whole resort with it’s great theming, thunder mesa story and big thrills. From the moment it starts until the moment in stops you will love this roller coaster which is situated on an island (the only Big Thunder Mountain in all the Disney parks across the world to be on an island). Being it is such a great ride the queue can be very long most of the time, so using fastpass Big Thunder Mountain would be the best option but try to get to the fastpass queue as soon as you can.

    By -breeno- on 9th September 2007 at 8:44 pm

  12. Many have said it and i agree, this Big Thunder Mountain is the best out of all of them so far. The way its situated on an island and you ahve to go underground to get to it is great. Nice Drops Turns and themeing. The Queue is very big though and at sometimes isnt very fast moving.

    By Owain on 9th September 2007 at 4:23 pm

Big Thunder Mountain

Mine-train roller coaster around the mountain, with fast-paced drops and turns.