Art of Disney Animation

Toon Studio, Walt Disney Studios Park

15 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 1015 votes, average: 6.93 out of 10

15 votes | Average: 6.93 out of 10

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  1. My daughter loved this. The shows were ok at the start although you have to wear headphones to listen in English. Unfornately it is a little too hard to hear because of the loud soundtrack. Loved the artist lessons at the end. One of the disney artists teaches a dozen or so children / adults to draw the characters step by step.


    By Dave Loseby on 26th October 2007 at 11:26 pm

  2. Great place to go for a chill out. This attraction showcases, surprise surprise, the Art of Disney Animation. in the first room, you have a chance to fool around with animation toys and look at some interesting Disney Milestones. A short film with Roy and Walt Disney comes on (which for some reason has been dubbed in French…not sure why but this has never worked for me) before we enter the Disney Classics Theatre. It is in here where we get to go through many emotions through Disney films, and it really is quite moving - and makes you want to watch every Disney film time and time again. The next room, for me, is a bit of a waste, and should be updated more often. It demonstrates how Disney characters come into being, and shows you a clip of upcoming Disney films. However, they have used Mushu from Mulan as the guide, and I don’t know why as he is just a bit too annoying! After this stop off, the last room (which you can enjoy without actually seeing the films by going through the side door) has lots of Disney concept art and games, as well as section wherre you can learn to draw Disney characters! This obviously gets quite busy but is worth doing if you have a chance.

    One of the things worth doing at the Studios - do this over Armageddon anytime!

    By wendybird7 on 21st September 2007 at 11:00 am

  3. This attraction is split into four parts. It begins with a preshow, where Roy Disney (dubbed in French!) explains the animation process. There are also some exhibits about animation in the preshow lobby. Guests are then moved onto the Classics theatre, where clips from Disney movies are shown.

    Next up is “Drawn to Animation,” where a “Disney animator” explains the process of creating the Mushu character from Mulan. This segment is entirely in French with headphones for translation. Although entertaining, Drawn to Animation is very shallow and doesn’t explain to much about the animation process. Note that the “Disney animator” hosting is just a regular Disney cast member with no animator credentials!

    Finally guests are moved on to the final portion of the attraction, a room with interactive exhibits related to animation to try out.

    This attraction rarely attracts a line and can make for a nice air conditioned break. Don’t expect to learn to much about the animation process.

    By lloyddy on 12th September 2007 at 4:53 pm

Art of Disney Animation

Guided, interactive tour through the history and process of animation.