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Physical Restrictions applyMinimum Height: 1.07m

Disneyland ParkTips & Advice

Rated as Family Adventures

Wait Time Very Long


Children 3-7 3/5

Children 8-12 5/5

Teens & Yng Adults5/5

Adults 5/5

Seniors 2/5


Wheelchair users must transfer.

Visitors must be in good health and not affected by medical problems which might be worsened by this experience.

Pregnant women and visitors in surgical collars should not ride.


Dive into an action-packed "underwater" filmset and prepare to spin, swirl and swoop through the thrilling EAC, as Crush shows you the wonders of ocean life, from colourful clownfish to ferocious sharks and mesmerising jellyfish!

Enter Disney Studio 5 and board your own spinning turtle on the authentic Sydney fishing pier set, before splashing briefly outside of the building and then coasting through a series of real-life underwater scenes from the blockbuster movie to reach the thrilling, swirling currents of the EAC.

Turtally exclusive to Walt Disney Studios Park, featuring a ride system never before utilised by the Disney Imagineers and state-of-the-art digital projection technology, Crush's Coaster is a new milestone in Disney attraction history, unique to Paris.

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