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This is Toon Studio, a tribute to the art of animation - and a playful look at how those timeless films are made, written and directed... by the Toons themselves!


From the leafy Disney Bros. Plaza, your first step onto the animation storyboard is under the towering Toon Studio entrance marquee of Sorcerer Mickey, pointing his golden wand toward the iconic Sorcerer's Hat and your first destination: a journey through the history, art and artistry of animation.

From the earliest Spanish cave paintings to the sweeping colours of Fantasia and the unforgettable characters of the Disney archives, Art of Disney Animation gives you a unique insight into the animation process - and your chance to try it all out for yourself!  Next, skip across the courtyard to Animagique and watch as Donald Duck opens up the Disney vault in a spectacular showcase of blacklight puppetry - can you name all those films flying around the stage?

With your animation knowledge topped-up, it's time to take part in some real-life toon filmshoots and discover that all those famous films were actually written, directed and produced by the Toons themsleves!  Flying Carpets Over Agrabah takes you soaring above the tropical desert oasis of Disney's 'Aladdin', whilst the brand new Cars Quatre Roues Rallye invites you into the Route 66 locales of Radiator Springs for an action-packed desert spin-out right out of Pixar's 'Cars'.

Finally, it's time to step-up and accept the challenge of a true blockbuster role. Join the "awesome" sea turtle from Finding Nemo for a ride aboard Crush's Coaster - a thrilling undersea journey through the colourful coral reef and swirling East Australian Current!

The magic of animation is that - with a little imagination - truly anything is possible!






Art of Disney Animation

Guided, interactive tour through the history and process of animation.

Journey through the art and artistry of Disney’s animation legacy and discover the history of animation, the creation of a new character and countless interactive games. More »



Live show featuring "blacklight" puppetry, characters and special effects.

Donald opens up the animation vault and a timeline of Disney classics bursts to life on stage in a mesmerising mix of live characters, ultra violet puppetry and special effects. More »


Flying Carpets Over Agrabah Disney's Fastpass available

Aerial carousel of guest-controlled flying carpets.

After Disney's Aladdin, the Genie has made the leap from actor to director, and he wants to put YOU in the picture with his high-flying film set in the skies above Agrabah. More »


Crush's Coaster Physical Restrictions apply NEW 2007

Indoor spinning roller coaster with exterior drop and dark ride scenes.

Dive into a living undersea filmset on your very own turtle shell for a spinning, swirling roller coaster ride along the East Australian Current! Just watch out for those sharks... More »


Cars Quatre Roues Rallye NEW 2007

Spinning ride with vehicles interchanging between two turntables.

Experience your very own road trip along Route 66 as only Pixar could imagine it, then prepare to put pedal to the metal as you're let loose on-set in the ultimate desert spin-out! More »

Tips & Advice

Physical Restrictions apply Physical Restrictions apply

Disney's Fastpass available Disney's Fastpass available

Crush's Coaster and Cars Quatre Roues Rallye, the two brand new attractions at Toon Studio, are already proving incredibly popular. Try to ride these as early or late in the day as possible.

Animagique is performed five or six times a day. Check the latest times online, at the attraction entrance or on your Walt Disney Studios Park programme guide leaflet.

Disney's Fastpass availableDisney's Fastpass

Why wait in line? Get a time!

This FREE time-saving service lets you pick up a time slot ticket to give priority access when you return between the times indicated.

Available on select days at:

Flying Carpets Over Agrabah

More information »


Character Locations


Monsters, Inc. Scream Scene

Meet Mike and the CDA, with frequent appearances by Sulley.

Monsters Inc is recruiting young power-generators at the Studios - test your screaming power on the Scream Monitors before posing for a photo next to Mike Wazowski or some CDA officials! Consecutive scarer of the month, Sulley also makes frequent appearances on most days.


Luigi's Casa Della Tires

Meet Luigi and Guido.

At the edge of Toon Studio's Radiator Springs settlement, stop off for some sleek new tires and an unforgettable photo opportunity at Casa Della Tires, where Luigi and Guido themselves are waiting to serve you!


Toon Studio Plaza locations

Meet characters with backdrops of The Incredibles and Mickey's House.

Either side of the Toons' entrance gate and the giant Toon Town hills, you'll find two backlot photo locations where the latest and great Disney characters appear to pose for publicity shots. Don't forget to say "cheese"!

Character Meet 'n' Greets

Toon Studio is the best place in the entire resort to get up-close with the famous faces from Disney and Pixar's animation legacy!

Latest times and locations »




Parade Route

Between Disney Bros. Plaza and Animagique gate.

Running right through the heart of Toon Studio is the Walt Disney Studios Park Parade Route - the setting for scene-stealing live productions every day. Parades Listing »

Shows & Parades

Toon Studio features the main park Parade Route and in the theatre of Disney Studio 3, Animagique.

Latest Show & Parade Times »




Toon Studio Catering Co.

Quick bite; Snacks, beverages and ice creams.
Presented by Coca-Cola/Unilever.

Take a break from the hectic shooting schedule and relax with a drink, snack or ice cream from one of the friendly and informal Toon Studio Catering Co. vans.



The Disney Animation Gallery

Books, art and collectibles.

Inside the towering, fabric-lined Sorcerer's Hat, this quaint boutique sells a good variety of animation items, such as art prints, original cells, snow globes and a wide selection of books.

Shopping Service

Weighed down by souvenirs? Just ask for 'Shopping Service' when you pay (select stores) and your purchases will be waiting for pick-up at Disney Store in Disney Village from 6pm!

More Shopping guides »

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