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This is Front Lot, your first glimpse at the Hollywood lifestyle! A grand entrance into the world of movie-making through the glamour of a sumptuous 1930s studio front lot.


Welcome Behind-the-Scenes!  As you approach the imposing grand entrance archway, the Earful Tower stands proudly ahead of above you and the soaring orchestrations of classic movie themes echo all around.

Ready to enrol as a budding star? Before you know it, you're on the Place des Frères Lumière with its stunning centrepiece Fantasia Fountain, at the sunny, stylish hub of the studio's administration area. The gritty Backlot and live film studios may lie beyond, but for any visitors this studio is just as glamorous as they'd expect.

The sumptuous tiled flooring, palm trees and elegant 1930s Spanish Revival style architecture evoke the classic Hollywood movie studios and provide the perfect place to take a break before the real action begins. Looking for a quick bite to eat, some last-minute accessories or a few words of advice from an experienced Disney star? Look no further! Restaurant En Coulisse serves up tasty food in seconds and the two huge Boutiques offer everything a young Hollywood starlet needs, whilst Studio Services is on hand to make your motion picture debut as effortless as possible.

"...Aaaand Action!" You're thrust into the spotlight already, in a dazzling starring role. It's time to step into Disney Studio 1 and make some movie magic, as you join the atmosphere of a dream-like nighttime Hollywood in your first all-star production: "Lights, Camera, Hollywood!".

Ready for your first close-up?






Disney Studio 1

Indoor nighttime Hollywood street set with a boutique and restaurant.

The lights are dimmed, the stars are ready to shine. You’re on the set of your first big movie production: "Lights! Camera! Hollywood!". Stroll down a dazzling night-time street past legendary locales from across the ages in a romantic, starry-eyed dream sequence of movie magic, rolling frame-by-frame before your eyes! More »

Tips & Advice

As the entrance area of the park, Front Lot features only this one attraction. Whilst it's easy to rush through, do take a long stroll around to spot the brilliant details.




Ciné Folies

Streetmosphere shows inside Disney Studio 1.

No matter how famous the leading lady, they can never find enough extras! It's your big break - you're in the spotlight, and you never know what'../../../guides/waltdisneystudiospark/entertainment/cinefolies/">More »


Place des Frères Lumière

Streetmosphere shows, character meet 'n' greets.

The grand entrance courtyard of the park is home to countless character opportunites and lively streetmosphere shows throughout the year. Meet characters every morning or throughout the day by the Limousine. Streetmosphere Listing »

Seasons & Events

Front Lot is at the heart of the Walt Disney Studios Park christmas celebrations. The entire interior of Disney Studio 1 is filled with twinkling fairy lights and special festive props!

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Restaurant En Coulisse

Counter service; American cuisine.
Presented by Coca-Cola.

Front Lot's premier restaurant with seating over two floors, the vast Restaurant En Coulisse hides quite remarkably behind the colourfully-lit façades of Hollywood in Disney Studio 1. The interior features props and scenery to match the exterior set, so you can choose between stylish Californian backdrops at Schwabb's Pharmacy or a giant thatched roof and thunderstorms in the Liki Tiki section. The Brown Derby section even features faithful recreations of the famous star caricature sketches.


Club Swankadero Coffee

Quick bite; Small snacks and beverages.

Learn to live the real Hollywood lifestyle - grab a cup of coffee amongst the hustle and bustle of the street, then whizz off toward your next glamorous location! If you'd rather take a seat on the street, the nighttime boulevard is perfect for people-watching.



Walt Disney Studios Store

Toys, pins, plush toys, homewares, postcards, clothing and more!

Dedicated to Walt Disney and the original Disney Bros Cartoon Studio, the largest boutique in Walt Disney Studios Park features a huge range of merchandise including an area dedicated to clothing and many more exclusive, upmarket items.


Les Légends d'Hollywood

Movie merchandise, clothing, plush toys, studio merchandise.

Amongst the props, scenery and hanging neon signs of Disney Studio 1, this boutique is split into three distinct sections with gas station, beach and Egyptian movie theatre themes. From clapperboards to costumes, DVDs to license plates, it's all here.


Studio Photo

Presented by Kodak.
Film and digital processing, photography accessories, souvenirs.

You ought to be in pictures! A selection of photographic items and souvenirs in a plus photo processing service.

Shopping Service

Weighed down by souvenirs? Just ask for 'Shopping Service' when you pay (select stores) and your purchases will be waiting for pick-up at Disney Store in Disney Village from 6pm!

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