Disney's Halloween Festival 2007
Entertainment Guide

Minnie and the Bat Boys

6th October to 4th November 2007


Trick or Treat Stage

Entertainment Type

Live Music, Characters


25 minutes


2006 / Revised for 2007

Performance Times

Up to 3 or 4 daily

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Wait Time

Scheduled Times

Children 3-7

Children 8-12

Teens/Yng Adults



Viewing Tips

  • The temporary Trick or Treat Stage is well supported for its Halloween shows, with a series of wooden benches lined up in rows for guests young and old to enjoy the show seated. Alternatively, the large area just behind these also gives a great view when standing.
  • The shows at Trick or Treat Stage often gain crowds from guests passing by as a show begins, so arrive just 5 or 10 minutes in advance and you'll be able to secure a good view.
  • Minnie speaks only English, introductions are in both French and English, whilst Gruzella speaks both but mainly French. All songs are performed in English.

Fun Facts

  • This is not Minnie's first attempt at hosting her own live show. Past spectacles include the 10th Anniversary 'Minnie's Birthday Surprise' at Videopolis Theatre.

The Music

  • Pre-show music is the park's own "It's Halloween-Lo-Ween" in a special country remix edition.
  • Heard throughout the show from the live musicians are "This Is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas, "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid, "Cruella De Vil" from One Hundred and One Dalmatians, "Grim Grinning Ghosts" from Phantom Manor, "Sally's Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas and "Gaston" from Beauty and the Beast.


  • Minnie and the Bat Boys is a reworked version of the 'Donald and the Bat Boys' show introduced in 2006, with Minnie as host (rather than Gruzella) and Gruzella now adding live vocals to the regular band performance. Donald appears later in the show for a special cameo.
  • Live music performances have been key to Disney's Halloween Festival since its launch in 1997, originally taking place on the 'Spider Web Stage' at the riverside of Thunder Mesa. The stage was given a large roof several years on and in 2003 moved to its current Cowboy Cookout Barbeque location.
  • Gruzella has had a rather remarkable transformation for her appearance here. Previously a larger, older witch, something brewed up in her cauldron has turned her into a bright and youthful Pink Witch!

More Pictures

To the music of classic, spooky songs from the Disney archives, Minnie Mouse conducts the black-winged figures of the Bat Boys band in a toe-tapping musical revue starring Gruzella, the shaky Queen of the Pink Witches, as their bewitching lead vocalist!

Presented alongside Goofy and the Magic Cauldron on the Trick or Treat Stage at the heart of Halloweenland, Minnie and the Bat Boys is based on the 2006 'Donald and the Bat Boys' live music show, with some considerable changes including a new live vocals from Gruzella.


Donald still appears in a cameo, but this is now Minnie's show entirely, and a brilliant chance to hear some wonderful live renditions of Disney Halloween songs.

The Show

Amid the Old West setting of Cowboy Cookout Barbeque, a special country edition of 'It's Halloween-Lo-Ween' leads into the next show on Trick or Treat Stage. The black shadows of the Bat Boys creep slowly on-stage, a musical group with the wings and hairy grins of human bats!


The creaky voice of a Pink Witch announces the show, the band then striking up a quick fanfare overture from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The "most glamorous band leader" is then introduced - Minnie Mouse! She skips on stage with her music book and introduces a very special guest star - Gruzella, queen of the Pink Witches!

Struggling on stage with a giant suitcase, Gruzella flutters her eyebrows and winks at the Bat Boys ("Very nice... if you like bats!") and apologises for her lateness - "I had to park my broomstick on double yellows!". Now, everyone is ready for the Halloween recital, starting with - 'This Is Halloween'.


The bat boys strike the dull and dreary chords and the scathing strings. Gruzella sits on her case to sing along with a gleeful smirk. Minnie joins Gruzella to dance to the final lines, before an eerie "ooooh" from off-stage distracts the pair. "This is no good for my concentration!" complains Gruzella, causing Minnie to blame the Bat Boys for the spooky sound effects...

"Gruzella - the second song!" Minnie commands, Gruzella replying "Uh, which is...?". A quick check of the songbook reveals 'Poor Unfortunate Souls', but the Bat Boys have a trick in store - the melody has been ramped up, the song given a salsa vibe - Minnie dancing in time with Gruzella as she sings the fateful words of Ursula.

"Ladies and gentlemen - Cruella De Vil!" announces Minnie. "But Minnie, I'm Gruzella!". Confusion over, Gruzella launches into the villainous chorus of the One Hundred and One Dalmations song, soon enough naming herself "Gruzella De Vil".


Such frightful intentions don't last for long when the spook in a white sheet returns. It's only Donald Duck, but Gruzella runs away to hide from the "fantome". Eventually confronting her fears, the queen of the Pink Witches leads the Bat Boys into a live rendition of the classic 'Grim Grinning Ghosts'. Donald "pretends to terrorize" as he chaces a nervous Gruzella around in circles.

When Donald reveals himself, he quickly picks up a saxophone with the hope that the band leader will let him play. Sure enough, he joins Gruzella and the Bat Boys for a quick blast of jazz in the form of Sally's Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Unfortunately, Donald can't help but tease Gruzella with a classic spider on a string, causing her to run crying, into the corner! ...Until she overhears Minnie say "grand finale", that is. A swinging ditty begins, set to the music of "Gaston", with Gruzella reading her lines from the songbook. It's a song all about... Donald!

The show is stolen by the duck, Gruzella accepts defeat and the Bat Boys receive a hearty round of applause.

Minnie's Trick or Treat Stage Halloween recital has been a little eventful, but without doubt a grand success!