Disney's Halloween Festival 2007
Special Event Guide

Disney's Halloween Soirée

31st October 2007


Disneyland Park

Event Type

Ticketed nighttime event


20.30 to 01.00


Tickets available in advance only from website or international booking hotlines - no sale at gate

Ticket Price

€30/£20, with heavy discounts for AP holders

Tips & Advice



Wait Times at Attractions


Children 3-7

Children 8-12

Teens/Yng Adults



Halloween Party Tips

  • This year, the Halloween Soirée begins at 20.30 (8.30pm), with "pre-entrance" scheduled for 17.00 (5pm), suggesting ticket holders will be able to enter the park earlier than usual.
  • Arrive as early as possible before 20.30 with your Halloween Soirée ticket in hand. If you're spending the day in the park beforehand, you'll likely need to exit and join the queue to re-enter. You chould leave earlier in the day and walk back to your hotel for the metamorphosis into your Halloween self!
  • Pick up the exclusive Halloween Party Guide when you enter the park for a complete times listing and park map showing the attractions, restaurants and boutiques due to be open.
  • Some attractions do get long queues during the evening, particularly thrills such as Big Thunder Mountain. Whilst an incredible experience in the dark, make sure you leave time to enjoy the atmosphere, entertainments and characters!
  • Most of the scheduled events take place in Frontierland and Adventureland, with extra atmosphere and shows in Main Street at the very beginning and end of the evening.
  • To prepare for the fireworks at 00.15, Fantasyland will close at 23.15 during the event.

La Soirée et les Enfants

  • There is no age limit at the party, and events are always aimed more towards "fun" than "frightening", but do consider before planning to attend whether your younger children will enjoy this busy nighttime event - and be able to stay awake until at least midnight, when the fireworks begin!

Costume Tips

  • Should I wear a Halloween costume? Yes! Whilst some, unadventurous people visit just as they would during the day, the magic of Halloween Soirée is that many visitors can dress up as if they're children again and no-one will mind! In fact, be prepared for lots of praise from Cast Members and extra attention from Pink Witches, pirates and Pumpkin Men!
  • Don't automatically think your Halloween costume needs to be scary and ghoulish - quite the opposite! In the more cartoonish American tradition, the best costumes are those based on Disney characters or childhood heros.
  • If you dress as a Disney character, as many guests do, it could be the case that some guests and/or their children mistake you for the real thing. Remember, you should tell them immediately you're only a normal guest and must never sign autographs.

Escaping the Horrors

  • Many guests leave just after the fireworks, so attractions become much quieter during the final hour.
  • Last RER train from Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy station is 00.20!
  • Last yellow buses to Disney Hotels and last pink buses to Val de France, Val d'Europe and Golf area Hotels will be at 01.30!

Fun Facts

  • Disney's Halloween Soirée could be considered the original Disney Halloween "hard ticket" event. Since its launch with the very first Halloween Festival in 1997, Magic Kingdom in Florida followed the trend with its annual "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party" events and, since 2005, Disney's California Adventure park presents the "Mickey's Halloween Treat" hard-ticket.
  • For some years in the early 2000s, two Halloween Soirée nights were presented, usually on the 30th and 31st October each year. Due to the huge inbalance between guest numbers on each night, however, it was decided from 2005 onwards to use only the 31st.
  • The Halloween Soirée events always present a selection of unusual and experimental entertainments, which are unusual in themselves due to being produced by outside companies rather than Disneyland Resort Paris itself. Production companies involved with the 2007 event include: ATS Evenement, Close Act, 6th Dimension, Demon Asmondée, A-Block, Réversi, Thal Harn, L'Escadrille, la Salamandre, Remue Ménage, Cow Prod, Cie K and le Théâtre du Vertige.

Halloween Hair & Make-Up on the night!

    Let younger visitors be transformed into true terrors of the night with free hair and make-up workshops from the least talented ghouls around! You never know, their horrible new look might even be an improvement...!

  • Halloween Hair Workshop for children (3-11yrs)
    at Thunder Mesa, Halloweenland
    FREE of charge! - 20.30 to 22.00
  • Halloween Make-Up Workshop for children (3-11yrs)
    at Woody's Roundup Village, Halloweenland
    FREE of charge! - 20.30 to 22.00


More Pictures

31st October 2007. With stars filling the sky and a full moon shining, Disneyland Park reopens for a most horrorific Halloween night party. The Disney Villains run riot, attractions whirl in the dark and all manner of spooky and kooky live entertainment brings the Halloween soirée to life like nowhere else!

Disney's Halloween Soirée is the only "hard ticket" event at either Disneyland Resort Paris park, requiring a separate admission ticket for its night of fun and thrills.

The party lets you discover Disneyland Park in the dark and under the guise of its full Halloween makeover - decorations, illuminations and streetmosphere on every corner. The night this year includes a special out-of-season performance of Disney's Fantillusion and concludes with a fireworks spectacular led by the Disney Villains as the click strikes midnight!

Atmosphere & Fun


The atmosphere in Disneyland Park for the Halloween party is like no other night in the entire year. Main Street, Frontierland and Adventureland are filled with quirky streetmosphere, their attractions and landmarks lit with colourful illuminations, always echoing with eerie Halloween music... and the screams of other guests!

Creeps run riot through the lands, exclusive street entertainments send a shiver down your spine and some of Disney's most famous (or fearsome) faces spend more time than ever before meeting and greeting their fans.

The 2007 character schedule includes:


Mickey Mouse
Near Casey's Corner, Main Street, U.S.A.
20.30 to 22.30, 23.10 to 00.00

Jack Sparrow
Adventureland (Pirates of the Caribbean / La Plage des Pirates)
20.30 to 21.00, 21.30 to 22.00, 22.30 to 23.00

The Disney Villains
20.50 to 23.50

Disney Characters (Peter Pan & Wendy or Mr Smee and Hook)
20.50 to 23.50

Scheduled Entertainment

Throughout Disney's Halloween Soirée, the park puts on a spectacular spectacle of nighttime Halloween shows and parades. Whilst some can be seen throughout the entire festival, many are unique to this night, and indeed the 2007 Soirée:

Goofy and the Magic Cauldron

Trick or Treat Stage, Halloweenland
20.45, 21.45, 22.45, 23.45

The popular daytime show on Trick or Treat Stage returns with some special nighttime performances exclusively for Halloween Soirée guests. Full Guide >>

Cruella's Crazy Crooning

Trick or Treat Stage, Halloweenland
21.15, 22.15, 23.15

A new Trick or Treat Stage production exclusively for Disney'../../../../../guides/seasons/halloween/2007/minnieandthebatboys/">Minnie and the Bat Boys.

Disney Villains' Halloween Showtime

Central Plaza Stage
21.15, 22.15, 23.15

The hit of this year'../../../../../guides/seasons/halloween/2007/disneyvillainshalloweenshowtime/">Full Guide >>

DJ Party

Main Street, U.S.A. / Central Plaza
20.30 to 20.50, 21.15 to 21.50, 22.15 to 22.30
23.15 to 23.45, 00.30 to 01.30

Main Street, U.S.A., under orange illuminations and populated with witches and ghouls, comes alive to the sound of a modern Halloween DJ Party at select times throughout the night, playing both haunting Halloween classics and contemporary pop.

Disney's Fantillusion

Disneyland Park Parade Route

See the nighttime Soirée sparkle with thousands of glittering lights, special effects, enchanting music and all your Disney heros - until the disgusting Disney villains roll into the park on their three special floats and cast the night into pure darkness!

As lights flash and thunder crashes, they transform into their grim creature alter egos - a dragon for Maleficent, a serpent for Jafar and an even larger sea monster for Ursula. Luckily, there'../../../../../guides/disneylandpark/entertainment/disneysfantillusion/">Full Guide >>

The Diabolical Disney Villain Fireworks!

Le Feu d'artifice diabolique des Méchants Disney!
Sky over Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant


The main event of Disney's Halloween Soirée is the spectacular fireworks show which bursts into the grim, moonlit sky above Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant every year. This is an exclusive, unique fireworks show presented for one night only!

This year, it's finally the turn of the Disney Villains to set the sky alight with fireworks in all the most diabolical colours and terrifying sizes, set, no doubt, to classic, detestable Disney villain theme songs.


Nighttime Attractions

Beyond the special Halloween entertainments, the classic attractions of Disneyland Park are ready to thrill and excite long into the night. Under the cover of darkness and, in many cases, specially illuminated with colours and effects, you'll get to experience the thrills in a whole new way. Almost every major attraction remains open throughout the night.


Imagine the runaway mine train of Big Thunder Mountain in the dark, with only the whispering winds of the west, howling coyotes and flickering mine lanterns for company. Pirates of the Caribbean, a dark night in the Caribbean both inside and out. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril whizzing you around its rickety tracks as fire flickers from the temple torches!


And, of course, the eerie Phantom Manor takes on a whole new dimension on Halloween night, with its spectacularly tragic story and the wandering bride's cries echoing across the rivers. You'd be advised not to visit Boot Hill alone tonight...!