Toon en Scène pour les Fêtes !


10th November 2007 to 6th January 2008

Entertainment Type

Character meet 'n' greets


20 minutes


New for 2007 Season



Wait Time

Scheduled Times

Children 3-7

Children 8-12

Teens/Yng Adults



Viewing Tips

  • The three festive photo locations arrive on a series of moving trailers in the heart of Production Courtyard. Therefore, there's no need to arrive particularly early to be guaranteed first in line - just follow the cavalcade when it arrives!

Fun Facts

  • The name 'Toon en Scène pour les Fêtes !' is a pun on the phase 'Tous en en Scène', roughly meaning "Everyone on-stage for the holidays!". Coincidentally, 'Tous en en Scène' was the name of a long-running show on Fantasy Festival Stage in the late 1990s.
  • The antlers sitting at the front of the truck's bonnet (hood) were originally created for the 2005 mini parade Merry Christmas Walt Disney Studios.
Everybody on set, here come the Holidays!
A toon-tastic Christmas production pulls into Production Courtyard at Walt Disney Studios Park each and every day during Disney's Christmas Season.
With Chip 'n' Dale and Stitch in the starring roles you can be sure of a jolly holiday, no matter how hectic the movie star workload.

Toon en Scène pour les Fêtes ! is a brand new meet 'n' greet opportuntiy for the 2007/08 Christmas season at Walt Disney Studios Park. Comprising three separate photolocations on trailers, pulled by a truck, it gives guests the chance to collect autographs from and have photos taken with some of Disney's most animated stars, amid a frenzied, festive Christmas atmosphere of music.

The Scenes

The entire production is pulled by a heavy white studio truck, decorated all over with blue snowflake stickers and topped with a pair of antlers on the bonnet! The movie accessories and film cans in the back are decorated with green and red ribbons and bows.

Pluto at Home for Christmas Scene

Beside the fire in the front room of Mickey Mouse's house, Pluto meets his adoring fans! Behind him, you might spot an old black and white photo from the whole Fab 5 together during a previous Christmas season.

Toon Town House at Christmastime Scene

Lilo and Stitch stand on the street to meet fans in front of a bright green Toon Town house, covered with "Ho Ho Ho" and "Merry Christmas" decorations. The cartoon scene extends beyond the backdrop - the trailer is decorated as a real sidewalk, complete with drain cover and piles of snow. A candy cane sticks out of the snow on one side, whilst a mailbox leans to one side on the other. The yellow border of the scene is lined with flashing LED lights.

Christmas Library Scene

In the dark library, Chip 'n' Dale, dressed as gangsters, stand with their damsel Clarice, meeting and greeting guests next to a pile of presents (including an old-fashioned teddy bear!). A snowy scene fills the view in the window behind them.

Once the cavalcade pulls into Production Courtyard, the stars meet and greet guests for around 20 minutes until they have the "perfect shot", then returning to their dressing rooms, scene complete!

Characters listed here may be subject to change day-by-day.


  • 'Toon en Scène pour les Fêtes !' uses the vehicle and trailers of the Summer live music show Toon Train: Lights...Camera...Musique!, which premiered in July 2007 on Front Lot, but is more a meet 'n'../../../../../guides/15thanniversary/disneycharactersexpress/">Disney Characters' Express at Disneyland Park. The trailer sets themselves have all been entirely redecorated from top to bottom, as described in detail above.
  • The trailer sets and the truck which pulls them into place were originally created for the popular Starring Cruella De Vil show, which played during the Summer months in 2005 and 2006.
  • This is only the second time a mini-parade/meet 'n' greet opportunity in this style has made its way onto the streets of the Studios for an entire Christmas season. The first seasonal mini parade was Merry Christmas Walt Disney Studios, a version of Good Morning Walt Disney Studios presented only in 2005.