Goofy presents... Swing Along Santas


22nd December 2007 to 6th January 2008

Entertainment Type

Live music, characters


20 minutes

First Season

2003 as restaurant ent.
2005 at full show



Wait Time

Scheduled Times

Children 3-7

Children 8-12

Teens/Yng Adults



Viewing Tips

  • Goofy presents... Swing Along Santas is performed on the outdoor Place des Stars Stage, at the heart of Production Courtyard. No seating other than a few benches is provided, so do wrap up warm and be prepared to stand or sit on the cold ground.
  • In the original 2005 show, Goofy arrived in a bright red Christmas cadillac from behind CinéMagique.
From the enchanted, snow-covered streets of New York City at christmas-time, the jolly rhythms of the Swing Along Santas spread good cheer throughout the cold Winter avenues.
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On the Place des Stars Stage of Production Courtyard, the Swing Along Santas are a bright, modern alternative to the turn-of-the-century carollers on Main Street, U.S.A., swinging their Santa suits from side-to-side to the rhythms of popular Christmas songs of more recent years.

Following a year of absence in 2006, the Swing Along Santas will make their long-awaited return to the Studios' Christmas season from 22nd December! It has not been confirmed if the Swing Along Santas will be inviting Goofy back to be their conductor - he now has new commitments as the 'Goofy Clause'../../../../../guides/seasons/christmas/2007/christmasonmainstreetusa">Main Street, U.S.A.!


  • The Swing Along Santas began their Walt Disney Studios career as nothing more than restaurant entertainment in 2003 - a live music group frequently performing inside the Rendez-Vous des Stars Restaurant. They were conceived by Emmanuel Lenormand, with Paul Willenbrock as musical director.
  • In 2005, the group were "promoted" to a full show production on the Place des Stars Stage, introducing Goofy as their disastrous conductor. The show used the Times Square backdrop (with all its flashing, illuminated theatre signs) as its setting, which was installed in 2004 as a meet 'n' greet location for Minnie Mouse. With a Christmas edition of Good Morning Walt Disney Studios also taking place in this year, 'Merry Christmas Walt Disney Studios', Goofy could make use of a red convertible decorated for the season for his arrivial.