Disney Characters' Christmas Express


10th November 2007 to 6th January 2008

Le Petit Train des Personnages Disney


Parade Route, Town Square to Central Plaza

Entertainment Type

Meet 'n' greet event/parade


8 minutes to Central Plaza, 20 minutes meet 'n' greet


1st April 2007 (original)
New for 2007 Season (xmas)



Wait Time

Scheduled Times

Children 3-7

Children 8-12

Teens/Yng Adults



Viewing Tips

  • Disney Characters' Express enters the park next to Discovery Arcade and steams up to Central Plaza, its intermediate stop where the Disney Characters climb down and run to four photo locations featuring the 25th Anniversary mascot Lumière around the plaza. After 20 minutes, the characters run back to jump aboard the whistling train and leave the park via the same route.
  • When the characters run to their photo locations, all hell very often breaks loose, with guests running in every direction for their favourite star. Be patient, be polite and, perhaps, be ready and waiting at one of the four locations before the train comes to a stop! The characters are available for photos and autographs for some time, so there's no need to rush.
Tous en train, all aboard!
The festive season has never been more jolly than when the Disney Characters' Express steams into Main Street, carrying countless famous faces home for the holidays - with a special stop to meet YOU!

The regular Disney Characters' Express mini-parade and meet 'n' greet event of the 25th Anniversary Celebration continues throughout Disney's Christmas Season, with a special festive overlay to give the event an extra jingle and an extra sparkle for the holidays!

Each of the train's carriages are covered in endless green garlands for a traditional touch of Christmas, with the train's huffing, puffing, journey along Main Street to Central Plaza met by a flurry of snowfall blowing in across the rooftops.

Can Casey Jr. make it through the snowfall to bring the characters home for Christmas? He thinks he can, he thinks he can...

Fun Facts

  • The Character Express train is actually the old Dumbo Casey Jr. float from The Wonderful World of Disney Parade, entirely redecorated and refitted for its new purpose. No more circus clowns or lion cages!


  • This is the first time Disney's Christmas Season has seen a second daytime parade. In previous years, the only daytime attraction on the parade route has always been only a complete overlay of the regular daytime parade.
  • Disney Characters' Express officially began on 1st April 2007 as one of the 'More Disney Characters'../../../../../guides/15thanniversary/">25th Anniversary Celebration.
  • The Christmas Express is not be the first time a season has effected the daily event - during Disney's Halloween Festival, the train was regularly overrun by Pumpkin Men!