Belle's Christmas Village


17th November 2007 to 6th January 2008

Le Village de Noël de Belle




Decorated village huts, snow


Market stalls, fresh food

First Season



Seasonal Event

Children 3-7

Children 8-12

Teens/Yng Adults



Tips & Advice

  • Belle's Christmas Village usually closes a few hours before the park itself, but do take a stroll through the area at nighttime to appreciate its beautiful lights and decorations.

Fun Facts

  • L'Arbre Enchanté, the permanent food kiosk between Sir Mickey's boutique and Fantasia Gelati, could be considered a cousin of the provincial buildings here, sharing a similar style and size.


  • Belle's Christmas Village is totally unique to Disneyland Resort Paris, there's simply nothing else like it at any other Disney resort! It was created in 2002 and remains one of the largest ever single additions to the season.
  • The introduction of the village marked one of the first major steps in turning the season into more of a Disney and Princess-themed celebration rather than the previous, very traditional Christmas style.
  • Le Petit Théâtre, the puppet theatre, has presented frequent puppet shows throughout the day in the past, but this now appears to be a less frequent feature.
  • During the 2004 and 2005 seasons, the village has its own streetmosphere show - Belle's Musical Medley. Using music from the direct-to-video feature "Belle's Enchanted Christmas" and the original film, it was presented on the courtyard seating area next to the Disneyland Railroad bridge. Cast included Belle, Gaston and many townspeople, miming or dancing along to the popular songs. The show failed to make a return for the 2006 season, perhaps due to the difficulty guests had in finding space to watch at busy times.

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Step into the pages of a tale as old as time! Belle's enchanted village comes to life in Fantasyland with a bustling Christmas market, transporting you to the quaint, romantic settings of Beauty and the Beast.
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Nestled in the far corner of Fantasyland between Alice's Curious Labyrinth and "it's a small world", en route for Le Pays des Contes de Fées, Belle's Christmas Village is a charming series of small, highly-themed buildings hosting various market stalls.

Always bustling and busy throughout the season, this is the tradition of Christmas markets done with all the quality and storytelling of Disney. For fans of Beauty and the Beast, this is an unmissable chance to quite literally step into the film - you can even meet Belle and her Beast in front of their stained glass window!

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The Christmas Market

The market stalls are filled with all manner of goods and gifts, their warm lights brightening up the frosty winter days. Along with souvenirs and gifts from the resort's regular product lines, you'll find stalls dedicated to Christmas themes and many unique items only available here. Some stalls offer delicious fresh pastries and cakes, hot drinks and soup.

Le Noël Enchanté

Seasonal decorations, gifts and plushes.

Au Petit Chapeau

Hats and Winter clothing items.

Le Coffre à Jouets

Seasonal toys and decorations.

La Fête des Epinglettes

Disney pins, particularly fantasy/princess themes.

La Chope de Gaston

Gaston's tankard - theme element building only.

C'est la Fête

Toys and games.


Seasonal candy, sweets and baked goods.

Pains Marie

Snacks and refreshments, including fresh pastries.

Le Petit Théâtre

Puppet theatre.


Belle's favourite, the library - theme element building only.

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All of the building are covered with a heavy helping of thick, white snow, dressed up with garlands, wreaths, baubles and bells. Lights inside illuminate the windows at night, whilst additional "fairy lights" throughout the area create an enchanting atmosphere. The Old Mill joins in the fun, with giant christmas presents filling its windmill buckets.

Meet Belle and the Beast

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Belle and the Beast step out into the streets of their cold, snow-covered village to meet the new crowds of tourists. A special meet 'n' greet area has been created at the entrance to Belle's Christmas Village, featuring the beautiful stained glass window from the film and the iconic rose itself.

The pair usually take turns to meet and greet fans, changing over every half hour.