Wait Times

Make the most of every minute!

A trip to Disneyland can bring up thoughts of endless waits and snaking queues, but, at the modern parks of Disneyland Resort Paris, this really isn't the case.

With the benefit of over 40 years experience upon designing the Paris resort, the Imagineers were able to create a theme park experience that provides distractions, diversions and magic at every corner, without a long wait. The Paris parks not only feature the most state-of-the-art and highest capacity Disney attractions, but also an unprecedented number of walk-throughs and themed areas without any wait whatsoever.

With a bit of planning and sense, you might not even have to face a single long queue in either of the two parks. Use Fastpass, do the most popular attractions at the very beginning or end of your day, and take the busy afternoons nice and slowly.

Actual wait times haven't been included here, since they change drastically between the seasons. Instead, the clocks give an estimated comparative wait time for each group when compared to each other.

  • Disney's Fastpass available Indicates attraction equipped with Disney's Fastpass.
  • Wait Times displayed at Central Plaza Indicates Disneyland Park attraction with live wait times displayed on Central Plaza's tips board (at Walt Disney Studios Park, all attractions are featured on the tips board).

Very Long Wait

The attractions nobody wants to miss - the all-rounder roller coasters and two popular childhood rides. Use Fastpass where possible and try to ride Dumbo and Crush's Coaster first thing in the morning.

Short Wait

Popular attractions given the benefit of very high-capacity designs to retain short waiting times right throughout the day.

Scheduled Times Only

These attractions, all in Walt Disney Studios Park, are only presented at select times during the day. Check your Entertainment Programme upon arrival or plan in advance with the latest times here.

This page should be used as a rough guide only.
Wait times can differ depending on attendance and season.