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Disney's Fastpass

Why wait in line? Get a time!

Disney's Fastpass is a totally free, time-saving service that allows you to skip the queues and experience the magic of selected attractions in record time! Just pick up a ticket from the distribution machines then return later in the day at the time specified on your ticket for entry into the exclusive Fastpass queue line.

By reserving your ride time in advance, you can go off and enjoy the rest of the park without having to spend your precious Disney time in the queue. When you return during your specified 30-minute reservation slot, you'll enter the exclusive queue and, as if by magic, you'll be on the ride in a matter of minutes!

Fastpass Attractions

Disney's Fastpass availableDisney's Fastpass is currently available for the following attractions:

And of the new attractions currently under construction, Disney's Fastpass will be available for:

How does it work?

All you need to collect a Fastpass ticket is your park entrance passport. The system is totally free and very easy to use...

Step 1: Check the times
  • At the entrance to your favourite Fastpass-enabled attraction, check the two large signs displaying the queue time (in minutes) and Fastpass reservation times (a half-hour time slot).
  • If you don't want to join the normal queue, then check whether the Fastpass reservation times suit you. If they do, proceed to Step 2.
  • Should you prefer later reservation times, then come back to the attraction later in the day, as the times will update as more Fastpass tickets are distributed.
Step 2: Collect your ticket
  • Join the queue for the Fastpass ticket distribution machines.
  • When you get to the machine, just insert your park entrance passport as shown and your Fastpass ticket will be printed.
  • Collect your Fastpass ticket and your park entrance passport, then go off and enjoy the rest of the park!
Step 3: Get ready for magic!
  • Return to the attraction with your Fastpass ticket during the half-hour time slot you were given.
  • Walk to the dedicated Fastpass entrance (usually located just to the side of the main attraction entrance) and hand your ticket to the Cast Member. Now simply enjoy the special VIP treatment, as you arrive at the front of the queue in record time!
  • Once you have enjoyed the amazing Disney attraction experience, you're free to collect another Fastpass for the same attraction (subject to availability).
  • Fastpass tickets are only available in strictly limited numbers each day. Try to collect your tickets as early in the day as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • The operation of Disney's Fastpass for the attractions above on the day of your visit is not guaranteed.

VIP & Disney Hotel Fastpass

There are also a couple of special Fastpass tickets available, giving extra or unlimited access to any Fastpass attraction of your choice.  They can usually be obtained through special Disney Hotel bookings or promotions, such as when you buy certain Annual Passports.

VIP Fastpass
  • Available for every guest staying in a Disney Hotel Suite.
  • Gives unlimited Fastpass access to all attractions operating the Fastpass service at any time during the day when Fastpass entry is operational.
Disney Hotel Fastpass
  • For all guests staying at Disneyland Hotel only.
  • Each ticket gives one immediate access to an attraction operating the Fastpass service, at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one Fastpass ticket at the same time?

Yes, but not for the same attraction. It is possible to receive Fastpass tickets for every attraction featuring the system at once, but a second Fastpass ticket for an attraction will not be available until after the time specified on your first Fastpass ticket for that attraction.  This is different to the other Disney Resorts around the world, where only one Fastpass ticket in total can be held at a time.

Could one person collect Fastpass tickets for the entire group?

Yes. All they need are the park entrance tickets of everyone in the group who wishes to ride the attraction (including children). We recommend, however, that in the interest of other guests' tolerance levels, no more than 5 tickets be collected at once!

Could I get an extra Fastpass ticket for myself using the Park Passport of someone in my group who doesn't want to ride the attraction?

Yes. Fastpass tickets can be used by anyone - the ticket does not have to have been collected using their passport. Don't collect an excessive amount of extra tickets though, it's not fair on other guests.

If I miss my specified time slot for an attraction will I still be allowed to enter?

Probably not, unless the Cast Member at the entrance is willing to break the rules! This can also depend on how late you are and how full the Fastpass queue already is, but, in most cases, the rules will not be broken and you will not be allowed entry to the Fastpass queue.

What if I arrive early for my time slot?

In some cases, the Cast Member may allow you to enter, but usually you will simply be asked to wait until the start of your slot, to maintain the attraction's consistent throughput of guests.

What if our group got tickets at the same time, but were given different reservation slots, because the times updated as we were collecting tickets?

Don't worry - usually the next time slot is only 5 minutes later than the original, so, if you wish to ride as a group, you'll just need to wait the extra few minutes when you return for all the Fastpass tickets to be valid.