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Welcome to Disney Village!

Get a taste of the world, soar into the sky... Experience it all at the resort's non-stop entertainment district.


Disney Village is alive with a pulsating vibe and a magical atmosphere throughout the day and long into the night, with non-stop entertainment and unforgettable themed dining experiences at every turn.

Your adventure begins under the plethora of neon lights and colourful, glowing balloons, as you step onto Main Avenue and into a world where anything can - and probably will - happen. Buffalo Bill shows you how the west was won in one evening, King Ludwig invites you for a fantastical Bavarian meal at his castle and the irrepressible enjoyment of shopping grabs you at nine magical stores. And then, just when you thought you'd seen it all, the incredible PanoraMagique Balloon takes you soaring to dizzying heights, to see the magic like you've never seen it before.

Need to taste the magic? Disney Village has something for everyone. Enjoy a fun-filled feast with the Disney characters at Café Mickey, or join the "Happy Days" atmosphere at Annette's Diner for a delicious all-American burger meal. Rainforest Cafe takes you deep into an enchanted rainforest for a delicious meal amongst elephants, giraffes and more, whilst those looking for a more sophisticated dining experience can't go wrong with the elegant Chicago style of The Steakhouse.

Once you've enjoyed a delicious dining experience, head off to the Disney Store, Hollywood Pictures or World of Toys for some unrivalled, leisurely Disney shopping fun. If you've still got some energy left for more exciting activities, head to NEX Fun Bowling & Arcade or the amusements at the Lake Disney marina. Or, should you need an adventure without the effort, sit back and relax with the latest blockbuster at Gaumont Cinemas or experience cinema so real you can feel it, at Gaumont IMAX.

Whether you're looking for a party atmosphere or a final souvenir, Disney Village is bursting with magical experiences for every taste...

22 Extraordinary Venues

A world of experiences are only moments away when you step into Disney Village...

Attractions & Entertainment

Disney Village has attractions and activities for all ages, from an unforgettable balloon flight to a thrilling live Wild West Show.

Featuring PanoraMagique, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show ...

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Let your taste buds travel the globe, as you experience the multitude of exciting themed dining venues on offer across Disney Village...

Featuring Café Mickey, Annette's Diner, Sports Bar ...

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Shop 'till you drop with the Village's outstanding selection of themed stores and boutiques, from Disney wishes to Hollywood fantasies.

Featuring Disney Store, World of Toys ...

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Seasonal Events

Throughout the year the Village comes to life with different vibes to celebrate cultures and events from across the world.

Featuring Bonfire Spectacular, Christmas ...

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Gateway to the Disney Hotels

Disney Village is the ideal beginning and end to a day in the two Disney parks, and serves as a gateway between the six on-site Disney Hotels and the main resort hub.  Whether you're on your way to the parks or returning from a long day of adventure, there's always extra magic to be found at Disney Village - pick up a bite to eat or find that elusive souvenir you forgot to buy in the parks.

Or, why not extend the possibilities of Disney Village by exploring the Disney Hotels?  From Disney's Hotel Cheyenne to Disney's Sequoia Lodge, each one has a theme and an atmosphere that needs to be seen to be believed.  This is the only place where you can step from New York to New England in under ten minutes, or travel from the Sequoia national parks to Santa Fe in less than a few minutes!

Along the way, there's themed boutiques at every stop and countless stunning restaurants.  You're free to make dining reservations at any restaurant, so why not reserve at a Disney Hotel different to your own and experience something totally new?

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Seasonal Events

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