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This is Main Street USA, small-town America at the turn of the 20th Century, where everyone wears a smile and every day is brighter than the last!


"Good day sir!" "How do you do, ma'am!" As you step out onto Town Square, you're as welcome as can be! The bright colours of the flowers glow in the sunshine, the ornate buildings stand majestically all around and the endless bustle of the Disneyland Railroad Station brings this hive of activity and happiness to life. You've arrived in the good ol' days, where this care-free bygone era is yours to live again!

Hop aboard one of the "newfangled" Main Street Vehicles for a quick shuttle service up to the gardens of Central Plaza, or take your time on the Horse-Drawn Streetcars and enjoy the beautiful sights of the bustling streets.

If a gentle stroll is more your style, then why not experience one of the two Main Street Arcades, which not only provide shelter from the weather but also access to many of Main Street's exciting boutiques and tasty restaurants! Liberty Arcade is bright, beautiful and steeped in history, with a fascinating exhibition tracing the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty. Discovery Arcade looks to the challenges of the future, with a series of artworks and drawings presenting visions of futuristic cities from the minds of turn-of-the-century visionaries.

Step back in time to discover the heart of America and the heartbeat of a holiday, every day on Main Street, U.S.A.






Main Street Vehicles

Classic gasoline-powered vehicles which travel up and down Main Street.
Presented by Hertz.

Join the hustle and bustle of turn-of-the-century life by catching a ride on one of the newfangled motor vehicle taxis between Town Square and Central Plaza. More »


Horse-Drawn Streetcars Seasonal closures apply

Old-timer trolley cars pulled by horses, travelling along the tram track.

Leave the modern Main Street Vehicles behind! Take your time to travel in style and climb into one of the classic horse-drawn streetcars of Main Street. More »


Liberty Arcade

Covered walkway behind boutiques on West Main Street.

Take a stroll through this beautiful covered arcade, with ornate furnishings and a fascinating exhibition detailing the conception and inauguration of the Statue of Liberty. More »


Discovery Arcade

Covered walkway behind boutiques on East Main Street.

A more industrial walkway, Discovery Arcade is dedicated to the great inventors and visionaries of the early twentieth century, lined with startling artworks and surprising inventions. More »


Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts Extra charge

Traditonal barber shop, available for advance booking.

Freshen yourself up for another jolly day on Main Street with a trim and a shave in the relaxing hideaway of Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts, a classic 1900s barber shop! More »


Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station

Old-fashioned railroad journey around the magic kingdom.

The grandest, most exciting place to hop onboard the Disneyland Railroad, for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom from the comfort of one of four elegant railroad trains. More »

Tips & Advice

Seasonal closures apply Seasonal operation only

Extra charge Extra charge required

Many guests see Main Street, U.S.A. as simply an elaborate "entrance" to the park, but there's much more to discover. Beyond the transportation rides, Liberty Arcade and Discovery Arcade are filled with fascinating exhibits and incredible artworks.

Main Street in Paris is truly the most detailed and lavish of them all, completely blurring the Imagineer's divide between "theme park" and "art". Make sure you spend some time here to soak up the atmosphere and spot all the details.

The stores of Main Street often remain open at least half an hour after the park's scheduled closing time, but another good time to explore the street is in the middle of the day, when crowds have dispersed into other lands.




Parade Route

Between Central Plaza and Town Square.

Main Street, U.S.A. is synonymous with Disney's famous character parades. Whether morning, daytime or nighttime, there'../../../guides/disneylandpark/entertainment/#Parades">Parades »


Central Plaza Stage

Circular outdoor stage on the hub of Central Plaza.

Central Plaza has become the location for special seasonal shows on a large circular stage at the hub of the area, with Sleeping Beauty Caslte as its backdrop. Currently showing throughout the 25th Anniversary Celebration: Candleabration »

Disney's Halloween Festival

Main Street, U.S.A. is overrun by Pumpkinmen and Pink Witches escaping from Halloweenland and battling in the streets!

More »

Disney's Christmas Season

An enchanted and enchanting makeover of royal splendour and turn-of-the-century charm.

More »




Walt's - An American Restaurant

Table service; American and Italian cuisine

Dedicated to the life and work of Walt Disney, with seating arranged through a series of beautiful rooms each featuring a different Disneyland theme and countless fascinating artefacts from Walt Disney's time.


Plaza Gardens Restaurant

Buffet service; International cuisine.

Once a pleasant stroll from the bustle of Main Street, the buildings have caught up to this countryside restaurant. A sunny, park-side getaway for the elegant Victorian locals of Main Street, it serves up a delicious fresh buffet throughout the day.


Casey's Corner

Counter service; American cuisine.
Hosted by Casey's Corner.

Hit a home run and head for the most modern eatery in town - baseball memorabilia everywhere you look and the chance to try a famous American hot dog from the varied "fast food" menu.


Victoria's Home-Style Restaurant

Counter service; American cuisine.

Settle down for a warm, relaxing meal in the cosy surroundings of this traditional home-style restaurant in the setting of a turn-of-the-century boarding house.


Market House Deli

Counter/Buffeteria service; Sandwiches and American cuisine.

The tastes of the Big Apple have spread to small-town America, as Market House Deli presents a delicious selection of sandwiches, salads, fruit and more in the vein of a thriving New York deli.


The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

Quick bite; Ice creams, sodas and snacks.
Hosted by Ben & Jerry's.

The candy-coloured pastel design of this exceptional location gives a hint of the sweet delights ahead! Ice cream in more flavours than you can count, plus lots of other holiday treats.


Cable Car Bake Shop

Quick bite; American and European pastries.

Paying homage to the San Francisco cable cars, this quant patisserie has sweet aromas and filling snacks in abundance.

Cookie Kitchen

Quick bite; Cookies, muffins, doughnuts and beverages.

Grab some sugar-coated delicacies to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The Coffee Grinder

Quick bite; Snacks, coffee and other beverages.

Give yourself a bright wake-up and refresh at this quick-stop coffee shop and snack bar in Discovery Arcade.

The Ice Cream Company

Quick bite; Ice Cream.
Hosted by Heartbrand (Wall's / Miko).

More delicious ice cream cones, from this dedicated counter.


Coca-Cola Truck - A Refreshing Delivery

Coca-Cola beverages.
Hosted by Coca-Cola.

A unique take on the Main Street Vehicles, the Coca-Cola delivery truck drops off chilled drinks around the town for a truly refreshing delivery.

Restaurant Reservations

Disneyland Resort Paris now has a single, centralised reservations hotline for all of its table service restaurants, available to book up to three months in advance!

Just call (+33) 01 60 30 40 50

More Dining guides »




The Emporium

Large department store with all the latest must-have accessories!

The largest and most popular boutique on Main Street, this imposing grand department store has the widest selection of merchandise possible, from clothing to pins, postcards to plushes, it's all here under one roof!


Town Square Photography

Photography supplies and services, CDs, pins.

In an authentic dimly lit store, full of antique cameras and historic photographs, you can find optical and digital photo processing, plus all the photographic accessories and equipment you'll need to capture your magical memories.


Harrington's Fine China & Porcelains

Collectibles, snow globes, pins, artwork and glasswares.

An upmarket exclusive boutique stocking a beautiful collection of fine china, porcelains and glass creations. Watch the talented craftsmen create a brand new fantasy item on the spot!

Disneyana Collectibles

Jewellery and other exclusives.

Speciality items to commemorate your most magical occasions.


Main Street Motors

Clothing, usually 'geared' to a more adult audience.

Main Street's unique motor workshop and showroom is bustling with activity - make sure you pick up some great Disney items before your grand road trip!


Boardwalk Candy Palace

Sweets and treats.

Taste the magic, with a delicious range of sweet confectionary in a sumptuous store reminiscent of the great candy boutiques of Atlantic City Boardwalk.


Disney & Co.

Toys and souvenirs.

General Disney items in an all-American fantasy-styled boutique. Plush toys, keyrings, sweets, toys and other popular Disney merchandise.


The Storybook Store

Books, CDs, DVDs, artwork, posters and more.

A quaint old-time store next to City Hall, this is where you can find a superb selection of Disney books, DVDs, artwork and CDs.


Disney Clothiers

Clothing and accessories for younger guests.

Step into a giant Disney wardrobe and discover the best selection of clothing for adults and children in all of Main Street!


Lilly's Boutique

Explorer accessories, general souvenirs.

Dedicated to Walt Disney's wife, Lillian, this classic turn-of-the-century store stocks a range of practical and decorative items for the home.


Ribbons & Bows Hat Shop / Bixby Brothers

Accessories and items for babies, clothing and hats.

Accessories and apparel for babies, plus a good selection of traditional Disney hats in every shape and size imaginable!


Glass Fantasies

Exclusive glass souvenirs and creations.

Where there's tourists, there's bound to be a gift shop! The frenzy of activity at the temple brought with it this unique. The Glass Fantasies workshop itself is located within the entrance of Harrington's.


Plaza East & West Boutiques

First and last-minute Disney souvenirs and accessories.

Start and end your Disney adventure here, with all the essential items you'll need for your day and a good selection of last-minute souvenirs and gifts.


Pin Trading Cart

Pins, pin accessories and pin trading.

The park's main Pin Trading Cart not only features a great selection of colourful Disney pins, but frequent gatherings of other Disney Pin Traders, looking out for their next trade!

Shopping Service

Weighed down by souvenirs? Just ask for 'Shopping Service' when you pay (select stores) and your purchases will be waiting for pick-up at Disney Store in Disney Village from 6pm!

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