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Sleighbells and snow...

The stage of The Chaparral Theater has been transformed into a true Winter wonderland, with the rocky snow-covered mountainside featuring a cosy wooden chalet, a frozen pond, a mysterious ice cave and a fun hillside slide!

The rustic mountain chalet belongs to Donald Duck, the unforgettably loose-tempered Disney character, who has travelled up into his Winter retreat to relax and unwind with a spot of gentle fishing on the icy lake! Unfortunately, Donald's plan of a peaceful mountain holiday doesn't quite go to plan...

A Winter Wonderland!

A hefty pile of snow falls from the lodge's roof and knocks Donald right on the head! Never mind... he's trying to stay calm. As he takes a seat next to his fishing hole, humming a catchy Christmas beat, two mountain explorers enter from the other side of the Winter scene. Tired and cold from their mountain adventure, the two explorers rejoice when they see Donald sitting outside his cosy chalet retreat. "Donald! Donald! Can we stay?" they shout across, to which Donald agrees and the explorers celebrate with a few festive choruses of "Let It Snow".

Soon enough, Donald's peace is stolen once again, when the happy musical number draws all his Disney friends, who show up in their new Winter outfits to enjoy the fresh mountain air! Chip, Dale and Pluto slide down the mountain whilst Goofy tumbles down as giant snowball! Accepting that his dream of a relaxing break isn't going to happen, Donald agrees to let them all stay, and the fun begins!

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Having unpacked their bags, the hikers head outside to explore their new surroundings with the Disney characters and a cheeky musical number of "Baby It's Cold Outside".  After getting to know each other and enjoying the warm and friendly atmosphere, they have a great idea - ice hockey!

One by one, they take to the frozen pond next to Donald's chalet and enjoy a special game to the classic tune of "Winter Wonderland". Whilst they play, Donald continues to search for that elusive catch of the day. Wait - he's caught something! But it's perhaps not what he hoped for... Ahhh shucks!

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11th November 2006 to 25th February 2007


3 to 5 performances daily

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Show Type

Characters, dance, music and... ice skating!


The Chaparral Theater,


25 minutes

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A Country Bear Winter Hoedown

It seems the fun and laughter of the group hasn't only been disturbing Donald, as curious animal sounds begin to echo out of the frosty cave at the side of the stage.  Should they go and find out what it is? Eventually, one of the characters summons up the courage to check it out, before running out in fear and describing the horrible creature they saw!

No need to worry, though - the "monster" is just a group of three goofy, loveable Country Bears, who take to the frozen pond to show off their delicate figure skating talents.  Realising that their country cousins mean no harm, the explorers and their Disney friends emerge from the chalet and greet their furry neighbours.

Once everyone's introduced, they find a selection of traditional, Country and Western musical instruments and begin to whip up a blizzard of lively music and dance.  Everyone gets involved in the "Winter Hoedown" - even Donald, who dons the same special Winter Western costume as his two new adventurer friends.  They all dance a traditional Country jig and shout out the lyrics of classics like "Oh! Susanna" and "Rocky Top", before finishing with a loud and lively finale.

Romance On Ice

The lights fade down and a warm, romantic, purple and blue glow fills the icy stage as Mickey and Minnie skate out onto the lake with dazzling, shimmering, red and purple costumes and an impressive touch of ice skating talent!  To the symphonic score of "La Valse des Patineurs" (Waltz of the Skaters), Mickey and Minnie glide around the pond, weaving in and out of each other and performing a number of magical ice moves and routines.

"Sleighbells and snow, fresh winds that blow", Mickey sings to Minnie as they skate, "Old-fashioned Winter, how sweet your glow".  The heavenly romance ends with the two coming together in a heart-warming hug, as Mickey gives Minnie a cheeky peck on the cheek!

Sleighbells Ring...

The show comes to an end as Mickey and Minnie conclude their charming ice dance and a traditional red and green sleigh is pulled on stage by two beautiful horses!  The sleigh stops for just enough time to finish the show with one final musical number with all the classics together one last time.  The music ends, and the two explorers and their colourful Disney friends pose by the sleigh, taking a moment to remember the fun they've had together.

Then, the entire gathering of new friends, old friends and furry friends climbs aboard the sleigh and gently glide off to continue their Winter adventure together, in the snowy wilderness beyond...

Viewing Tips

Getting a Seat

If you arrive for the show and see a huge queue stretching out of Frontierland's "Cottonwood Creek Ranch" area, don't be put off! The theatre is one of the biggest in the whole park, and the queue soon condenses into the theatre.

If you want one of the best seats in the theatre, then it is recommended that you aim to arrive at least 20 to 25 minutes in advance.

The Chaparral Theatre is divided into three main sections - middle, left and right. The middle section gives an excellent view of all the action on stage, but fills up quickly with guests. The two side sections are hampered by the large roof support columns which block a bit of your view from some seats. It is recommended that you check that these will not affect your view before you take your seat.

If you arrive just a few minutes before the show begins and the Cast Members have closed the main entrance doors, you may still be lucky enough to be directed around to the back of the theatre, where you can enter quickly and grab a great empty seat at the last minute!

During the Show

The theatre is actually an outdoor venue, but has a large roof and partial side walls. This means that it can sometimes get quite cold whilst inside, so remember to stay wrapped up warm!

Another good way to stay warm is simply to enjoy the show and laugh, clap or even dance along to the fun onstage! You won't be alone - the classic characters and festive atmosphere always get a big reaction from the audience!

A Winter Wonderland at Night

In the final shows of the day, the darkness outside of this semi-enclosed theatre complex adds an extra touch of magic to the setting and lighting!

The Music

Despite using a soundtrack compiled from so many different sources and backgrounds, the music of Mickey's Winter Wonderland is perhaps one of the most consistent and charismatic soundtracks from any show in the resort. The classic, up-tempo, Winter songs "Let It Snow" (Jules Styne / Sammy Cahn), "Baby It's Cold Outside" (Frank Loesser) and "Winter Wonderland" (Dick Smith / Felix Bernard) mix with the intricate orchestrations of Emile Waldteufel's Valse des Patineurs to create a soundtrack with both the fun and the romance of a snowy Winter holiday.

All the music used in the show was remixed and re-recorded to create the complete soundtrack you hear in the show. It was produced by Robbie Buchanan and Vasile Sirli (the Musical Director of Disneyland Resort Paris), with arrangements and orchestrations by Vasile Sirli and Dave Volpi.
Some sections were created exclusively for the show itself. The "Finale" section is a bridging of an alternate version of "Sleigh Ride" with "Winter Wonderland" and an original music piece entitled "Sweet Horn" by Vasile Sirli. The "Winter Hoedown" is perhaps one of the most exciting and memorable sections of the show, since it mixes together the Winter mountain setting and Frontierland location perfectly. It features both the classic songs "Rocky Top" and "Oh! Susanna" along with a relatively new "Country Christmas" section by Steve Skorija and Gary Paben.

The hugely appealing, catchy and even romantic soundtrack to this wonderful wintry show has surely been a key factor in its continued success year after year in The Chaparral Theater.


Let It Snow - Baby It's Cold Outside - Winter Wonderland - Winter Hoedown - Finale

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