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This is Discoveryland, where dreams of the future are as limitless as your imagination! From the classical visions of Verne to the modern-day missions of Buzz Lightyear, anything within the limits of possibility can - and will - be accomplished.


The towering centrepiece of the land is Space Mountain: Mission 2, a new, reloaded adventure to the edge of the universe inspired by Jules Verne's unique vision of space travel. After being blasted out of the Columbiad cannon, you'll hurtle past the moon and hit the edge of the universe, where a spectacular Supernova explosion awaits.

Brand new in 2006, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast still needs YOU for a code-red, interactive, emergency mission into the Gamma Quadrant! Pilot your own XP-41 Space Cruiser, as you journey to dark and mysterious planets to help save the universe from the threat of invasion by evil emperor Zurg and his army of battery-hungry robots.

Come back down to Earth (and then some), as you're shrunk to the size of a mouse in Honey, I Shrunk The Audience, or blast off again for a turbulent flight on Star Tours commercial airways, before taking a moment to relax in the enormous Videopolis Theatre, where The Legend Of The Lion King comes to life in a spectacular musical stage show, with inspirational music and high-tech special effects.

See the world from different angles; Save the universe with your own hands; Test the limits of imagination... Discoveryland: What one can conceive, one can achieve.






Space Mountain: Mission 2 Physical Restrictions applyDisney's Fastpass availableSouvenir photos available

Roller coaster in the dark with 3 inversions and various effects.

From the Earth to the Moon was only the beginning. The mighty Columbiad cannon has been recharged to send you soaring further, faster and stronger than ever before... More »


Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast Disney's Fastpass availableSouvenir photos available

Interactive "Omnimover" dark ride, with laser guns and rotating vehicles.

Join forces with Star Command, as you battle to save the toy universe from the threat of invasion, on this wild, interactive mission to the outer sectors of the Gamma Quadrant! More »


Orbitron - Machines Volantes

Aerial carousel of guest-controlled rocket ships.

Fly your very own rocket ship around an ornate galaxy of spiralling planets, inspired by the sketches and dreams of the great visionary Leonardo Da Vinci. More »


Star Tours Physical Restrictions applyDisney's Fastpass available

Motion simulator ride with special effects and animatronics.

Your scheduled StarSpeeder 3000 service to the moon of Endor turns into a turbulent flight through the more hazardous regions of the Star Wars universe... More »


Honey, I Shrunk The Audience Souvenir photos available

4-D theatre show with special effects.
Presented by Kodak.

The Imagination Institute is presenting its annual award to professor Wayne Szalinski for his incredible shrinking machine.  You might even get to see the invention at work! More »


Autopia Physical Restrictions apply

Drive petrol-powered vehicles around a futuristic autoroute.

You're the proud owner of a new Astrocoupé 9000, a vision of the future from the 1950s, why not take it for a spin? Speed around the pleasant, tree-lined highways of tomorrow. More »


Les Mystères du Nautilus

Atmospheric walk-through with animatronic giant squid scene.

Take an atmospheric tour of Captain Nemo's infamous Nautilus submarine and discover the details and secrets within. Watch out - can the Captain see off another giant squid attack? More »


Disneyland Railroad Station

Old-fashioned railroad journey around the magic kingdom.

Futuristic place to hop onboard the Disneyland Railroad for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom, with stops at Main Street, U.S.A., Frontierland and Fantasyland. More »

Tips & Advice

Physical Restrictions apply Physical Restrictions apply

Souvenir photos available May frighten some

Disney's Fastpass available Disney's Fastpass available

Souvenir photos available Souvenir photos available

Discoveryland has the highest number of attractions equipped with Disney's Fastpass in the park, and you should make sure to use this service whenever possible!

At night, Discoveryland glows with brilliant neons across its buildings and mysterious lights deep in Discovery Lagoon - don't miss seeing the land under darkness! Every attraction feels more exciting with this special nighttime atmosphere.

With some of the park's most popular attractions, Discoveryland can build some impressive queues in the middle of day. Avoid these by stepping underwater and into the walk-through Les Mystères du Nautilus - no queue required!

Disney's Fastpass availableDisney's Fastpass

Why wait in line? Get a time!

This FREE time-saving service lets you pick up a time slot ticket to give priority access when you return between the times indicated.

Available at:

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Star Tours

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Videopolis Theatre

Indoor theatre and restaurant; 800 seats.

The majestic Hyperion Airship moors at Videopolis, a futuristic entertainment and transportation centre which presents broadway-style stage shows in a combined theatre and quick-service restaurant environment. More »

Seasons & Events

No seasons and events are celebrated within Discoveryland.

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Café Hyperion

Counter service; American cuisine.

Inside Videopolis, Café Hyperion serves up traditional American fast food cuisine at the boarding gates of the Hyperion airship, with the option of dining either outside or in the special restaurant seating area at the back of Videopolis Theatre.


Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet

Counter service; American and Italian cuisine.

Inspired by the quirky fast food outlet, this futuristic Space Ranger restaurant offers a selection of unique pizza-based meals in a Toy Story setting, with a children's play area also available.


Cool Station

Quick bite; Snacks and beverages.

Opposite Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, discover a galaxy of refreshments and snacks imported from the farthest reaches of the future.


Rocket Café

Quick bite; Snacks and beverages.

It's a long way to the edge of the universe, Exploranaut! Stock up on all the essentials at this handy on-route café next to Space Mountain: Mission 2.





Plush toys, clothing, toys - a wide selection of merchandise.

A whole universe of exciting Disney gifts and souvenirs pieced together by the Little Green Men at the command of Buzz Lightyear! The park's second-biggest boutique.

Star Command Photographers

Souvenir on-ride photos from Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.

At the exit of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, discover photos featuring your Space Ranger Score and purchase them at Star Command's official photography centre.


Star Traders

Clothing, toys, Star Wars items.

A useful boutique at the departure gate of Star Tours astroport, stocking clothing, toys, Star Wars collectibles Space Mountain merchandise and more. Everything you need to make the flight to Endor a little more exciting!


Light Speed Photography

Souvenir on-ride photos from Space Mountain: Mission 2.

Purchase your unique on-ride photo capture from the edge of the universe on Space Mountain: Mission 2, plus a collection of other Exploranaut essentials.

Shopping Service

Weighed down by souvenirs? Just ask for 'Shopping Service' when you pay (select stores) and your purchases will be waiting for pick-up at Disney Store in Disney Village from 6pm!

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