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Rated as Family Adventures

Wait Time Average


Children 3-7 4/5

Children 8-12 5/5

Teens & Yng Adults5/5

Adults 5/5

Seniors 3/5


Wheelchair users must transfer.

Not recommended for children under 1 year of age.

Features 2 short flumes.


Disney's Halloween Festival


Set sail on a spirited voyage through the lagoons and seaside forts of the Caribbean, as a band of villainous pirates stage a full-scale attack on an overwhelmed fort. Walt Disney’s classic attraction comes to life like never before, with state-of-the-art animatronics and immense themeing to transport you to the old Caribbean and to the deathly heart of this pirate world.

Once on board your rusty pirate bateaux, you’ll sail gently through moonlit lagoons, before being dragged by the current into the heart of a fierce pirate battle and downwards to the depths of eerie pirate treasure caves! Will you live to tell the tale? One thing’s certain – dead men tell no tales!

Attraction Experience

From the sandy shores of Adventure Isle and the dark, ragged face of Skull Rock, the giant mast and billowing sail of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' guide you towards the unkempt fort in the distance. As you pass beneath the iconic mast, with its crow’s nest and gently swinging lanterns, watch out for the pirates below!  They mean no harm, they’re only there to welcome you, but they can be mischievous scallywags at times!

Trace the steps of many a buccaneer and follow the winding path through the shady undergrowth of the fort - around palm trees, past jagged black rocks and passing by the rustic shore-side shelters of the Blue Lagoon Restaurant and Le Coffre du Capitaine boutique in the distance.

Nearing the entrance to the fort, with the fluttering pirate flag towering above you, you step below the pleasant shade of some fabric canopies. Keep your wits about you now – once you step inside the fort there’s no turning back! Day turns to night, darkness surrounds you, and eerie sounds echo all around.

As you climb through the dim, torch-lit wooden passageways, discouraging sights present themselves to you. Chains hanging from the walls, a room with buckled floorboards, skeletons residing in their cells. Soon enough, however, the glow of torchlight and the tapping of crickets and frogs welcomes you to the peaceful Blue Lagoon. Follow the sand dunes down to the wharf and get in line to board your fearless boat to begin your voyage...

Your journey begins in the peace and calm of the Blue Lagoon, with only the glistening moonlight and gently lapping waves for company. As you leave the dock and head underneath the wharf-side huts above, a slowly splashing waterfall and gentle sea breeze puts your swashbuckling fears at ease. You sail sedately past the Blue Lagoon Restaurant with its straw-roofed wooden huts and exquisite sea food specialties, through clouds of fireflies and past the aged wreckage of an old seafaring vessel, now the home of various tropical sea creatures. As the tide turns and you head eastwards, back towards the fort, clouds pass softly across the shimmering moon and distant music fills the air.

In seconds, however, the atmosphere changes and you’re heading into the Flooded Fort, being pulled up the old cargo winch to a harpsichord tune of “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)”. As water splashes into the boat and the chain creaks, blinking bats eyes can be spotted in the woodwork and far-off cannon fire begins to ricochet around the passage. At the top of the chute, your boat takes a small dip into the flooded turrets of the fort and you get a glimpse of the feverish battle raging below. Edging around the corner you enter a scene of destruction, with silhouettes of overwhelmed guards fighting off the pirates, ripped fabric trailing all over, holes blasted in the walls and helpless cats circling in the water on wavering boxes.

The noise of clashing swords and cannon fire begins to build up in the distance, as the pirates sail in from the sea. As you pass by the outer wall of the fort, a pirate ship has landed and the pirates are attacking! With knives in their mouths and swords in their hands, they’re climbing up the walls and swinging from the crows nest, attacking from all angles! In the gloomy Jail cells of the fort, desperate scoundrels wait for their chance to escape, whistling for the dog to bring the keys to them. A cannon blast from the ships below has blown a gaping hole in the wall of the prison and in a matter of seconds you’re pulled through by the gushing water, surging down the unconventional waterfall into the heart of the Pirate Battle!

The battle soon rages all around you. As you narrowly miss the cannon fire of a pirate vessel, the captain shouts taunts towards your defenceless bateaux and cannonballs splash into the water around you. Your boat rounds the corner safely, under the fortress walls which protect the Village, only for you to find the village itself being ransacked by the villainous scoundrels! The mayor is being dunked in the well by a band of roguish pirates, as his wife shouts “Don’t tell them, Carlos!” and another pirate fires shots towards her window, forcing her to retreat inside. As a trio of helpless locals stand tied together, the pirates’ loot of sparkling treasure from the town steadily grows next to the well.

Further along, the pirate captain is gleefully auctioning off the womenfolk of the town to his crew. The women flutter their fans and primp themselves. “What be I offered for this winsome wench?” he cries across the harbour, only to gain the unanimous response of “We want the redhead!” from his outlandish crew. As you pass under the bridge, a drunken pirate sways from the lamppost, recounting memorable days on the high seas with a shrill gurgle. Around the porches of the old Caribbean houses, a grisly pirate viciously chases a women in circles, whilst next door the roles have been reversed, as the woman valiantly chases the pirate, rolling pin in hand! The pirates face further challenge on the terrace next door, as a resourceful local grabs his swords and crosses swords with the best of them! The duel starts off slowly, before building into a tension-filled spectacle of sword-fighting finesse without an apparent champion.

With each wave you break the chanting of “Yo Ho, A Pirates Life For Me!” grows louder, as the pirates pillage, plunder, ravage and loot to their hearts’ content. On the other side of the bridge, even an excitable donkey joins in the chorus! Across the water, the pirates have found the stash of “Rhum” and have proceeded to consume it as quickly as possible as it pours out of the barrels. Watch out above – there’s precious rum swinging by rope above your head, held in place only by the untrustworthy hands of a pirate! The chaos continues as dogs bark and cats howl, before the full scale of the pirates’ destruction becomes apparent, with the Burning Town falling to pieces before your eyes! The most terrifying twist of this pirate tale? You’re headed right for the fire!

Your boat navigates the treacherous waters with a steady pace, whilst the pirates celebrate under the blazing village. Swinging from the lampposts, raising their loot to the skies or balancing as many fine hats on their head as possible, the pirates have ransacked and ravaged this town to the core. As you float gently past a drunken pirate sleeping with the pigs and a swaying pirate on the awning of the dynamite shaft, they’ve no idea what happens to vicious folk like themselves. The burning buildings tower above, and the pirates have lit the dynamite fuse... Boom!! Crash!! Your boat takes the plunge into the dynamite shaft and a blinding explosion ricochets all around, before silence returns to the fateful waters. You’ve entered the Dead Man’s Caves – the eternal resting ground of villainous pirates and the greatest treasure trove in all the seven seas.

Gliding on the waves beneath a towering skull in the rock face, you pass through eerie rock formations and bubbling waterfalls, before witnessing a skeletal pirate at the helm of a ship in a raging storm. This is most certainly the bleaker side of pirate life, and the howling wind and wet sea spray hits you in the face as you travel through a tight bend in the caves. You find yourself in the treasure scene finale - a lifetime’s worth of loot piled up on the rocks and no-one to claim it. A proud pirate stands on top, eternally watching over his plunder. Gold coins, sparkling jewellery and ancient heirlooms give a golden glisten to this ill-fated underwater cave of wonders. On your left, a lavish captain’s quarters features a self-playing harpsichord and an elegant four-poster bed, where the skeleton remains of this doomed pirate reside. Echoing throughout the caves are the haunting words: “Dead men tell no tales”.

Returning to the dock, you'll be warned by a passionate skull to keep yourselves inside the boat until you've fully dropped anchor. From here you can taste the delights of the Blue Lagoon Restaurant or pick up some swashbuckling souvenirs from Le Coffre du Capitaine. After a visit to the Caribbean, an epic pirate battle and a glimpse at the most wondrous stash of loot this side of Davy Jone's Locker, there remains only one thing to do... Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho!

Fun Facts

Pirates of the Caribbean has a cast of 119 state-of-the-art Audio-Animatronics characters, including 55 animals and 12 skeletons!

The two duelling swordfighters represent one of the most advanced Animatronics creations in the world, and are unique to the Parisian version of the attraction.

The treasure scene in the Dead Man's Caves features approximately 30,000 individual pieces of treasure, affixed to each other and to the rocks by hand by the Imagineers.