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This is Adventureland, the world's most mysterious region, where fantastic discoveries meet wild adventures as you journey through lost jungles, tropical islands and sun-drenched Arabian bazaars!


The adventures begin as you arrive in the enchanted village of Agrabah, where the magic of Disney's Aladdin lives in Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin. Past the intriguing boutiques of the Adventureland Bazaar lies Adventure Isle, where Skull Rock, Captain Hook's Ship and a labyrinth of caves and passageways are waiting to be explored!

Avast, me hearties! There be pirates in these parts, cannonballs ready to fire! Join them for a swashbuckling voyage on a warm Caribbean evening, as they lay siege upon a Spanish fort at Pirates of the Caribbean, but be warned - dead men tell no tales!

Once you've earned your sea legs, cross the border into the wild, untamed Indian jungle and discover the ancient curse of the towering temple, as you take up the daunting challenge of Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril. With your head still spinning from the expedition, climb up high into the massive tree at the heart of the land, La Cabane des Robinson, and see what it's like to live like a true adventurer.

See places you've only dreamed of, set sail for high adventure on the seven seas and experience the most thrilling expedition of them all... the mysteries and wonders of Adventureland are never-ending.






Pirates of the Caribbean Souvenir photos availableGuests may get splashedSouvenir photos available

Indoor boat ride with 2 flumes, audio-animatronics and special effects.

Take a spirited voyage through the lagoons of the Caribbean, as a band of villainous pirates stage a full-scale attack on an overwhelmed fort. Don't forget - dead men tell no tales! More »


Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril Physical Restrictions applyDisney's Fastpass available

Roller coaster with drops and turns around a cursed temple, 1 inversion.
Presented by Esso.

Let the dark and mysterious forces of an ancient jungle temple take you for a thrilling spin around its towers and pillars and you might become a true action-adventure archaeologist! More »


Adventure Isle

Tropical island with spectacular scenery, bridges, caves and look-outs.

Use every inch of your bravery and skill to master the caverns and routes of Adventure Isle, from Spyglass Hill to Skull Rock and Captain Hook's Galley, in search of the long-lost treasure! More »


La Cabane des Robinson

Walk-through experience up and around the Robinson's treehouse.

A stormy sea and a dramatic shipwreck brought the Robinson family to shore. What looks like an ordinary tree has been transformed into a beautiful tree-top home. More »


Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin

Walk-through exhibit of the story of Aladdin, with animated tableaux.

Colourful, enchanted passageways in the Bazaar feature a series of special animated tableaux following the legend of the magic lamp and Aladdin's adventure to a whole new world. More »


La Plage des Pirates Physical Restrictions apply

Outdoor children's adventure playground.

Arrr! Do your young 'uns have what it takes to become a true legend of the sea? Let them find out for themselves, as they climb, slide and swing around this jolly roger beach! More »

Tips & Advice

Physical Restrictions apply Physical Restrictions apply

Souvenir photos available May frighten some

Guests may get splashed Guests may get splashed

Disney's Fastpass available Disney's Fastpass available

Souvenir photos available Souvenir photos available

The two major attractions in Adventureland, the only ones in the land which in fact have queues, rarely build up unbearable waits. The high capacity of Pirates of the Caribbean in particular makes it a good attraction for a busy day.

Whilst most of Adventureland is best enjoyed on a hot, tropical day, you should also return at night for Pirates of the Caribbean and the torch-lit Temple of Peril, both of which have an incredible atmosphere after dark.

Adventureland is the best land to enjoy when crowds in the park are high. Its walk-throughs, islands and caves don't require any queues! Head here in the middle of a busy day for a break from the rush.

Disney's Fastpass availableDisney's Fastpass

Why wait in line? Get a time!

This FREE time-saving service lets you pick up a time slot ticket to give priority access when you return between the times indicated.

Available at:

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril

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Blue Lagoon Restaurant

Table service; International Seafood cuisine.

On the peaceful shores of the Caribbean, with glowing moonlight and darting fireflies, this romantic candlelit restaurant serves up a fresh selection of unique seafood dishes straight from the stormy seven seas.


Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost

Counter service; Italian cuisine.

The beautiful old buildings and terraces of the abandoned Explorer's Club have been taken over by the animals from the Jungle Book! The central room of the club features a giant, mature tree growing up into its ceiling.


Restaurant Hakuna Matata

Counter service; International cuisine.

The "no worries" motto of this African-influenced eatery continues with a wide range of delicious foods to suit every taste (sorry, no grubs on the menu!) and a stirring soundtrack right out of the film itself.


Café de la Brousse

Quick bite; Snacks and beverages.

Hidden deep within the overgrowth at the edge of the Mer des Bretteurs, this quaint African refreshment stand features a selection of snacks and drinks.


Captain Hook's Galley

Quick bite; Fast food and beverages.

Whilst Captain Hook searches the island for Peter Pan yet again, Mr Smee and the pirate crew have set up a handy money-maker in the deck of the ship, serving drinks, snacks and tasty food.



Quick bite; Snacks and beverages.
Hosted by Coca-Cola.

The home of all the latest imports and exports, the Coolpost trading point is a paradise of refreshment for any weary explorer.


Le Comptoir du Capitaine

Quick bite; Snacks and beverages.
Hosted by Coca-Cola.

The cap'n doesn't want ye to be runnin' on empty reserves! Stock up on drinks and snacks at this trade counter before ye hit the wild and salty waters of the Caribbean.

Restaurant Reservations

Disneyland Resort Paris now has a single, centralised reservations hotline for all of its table service restaurants, available to book up to three months in advance!

Just call (+33) 01 60 30 40 50

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La Girafe Curieuse

African and Arabian souvenirs, plush toys, pins.

This striking boutique stocks a wide selection of adventure-themed curios with a jungle slant. From wild African ornaments to wild animal plushes, this friendly boutique is so popular that even the giraffes are browsing!


Les Trésors du Shéhérazade

Disney Princess costumes, accessories, gifts, etc.

The intricately detailed flagship store of Agrabah Bazaar features a series of interconnecting rooms dedicated to various types of Disney treasure. From tasty sweet delights to fanciful, bright costumes and accessories.


Le Coffre du Capitaine

Pirates of the Caribbean movie and attraction items.

The treasures of the seven seas lagoon await ye here, matey! Choose from a superb selection of Pirates souvenirs, from cutlasses to pint glasses, plus a special collection of other nautical-themed Disney items.


Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost

Large explorer clothing range, general souvenirs.

En route for the Temple of Peril, this is the ultimate supply store for any budding Indiana Jones, with explorer accessories and jungle souvenirs.


Temple Traders Boutique

Explorer accessories, general souvenirs.

Where there's tourists, there's bound to be a gift shop! The frenzy of activity at the temple brought with it this unique store in a collection of explorer's tents.

Shopping Service

Weighed down by souvenirs? Just ask for 'Shopping Service' when you pay (select stores) and your purchases will be waiting for pick-up at Disney Store in Disney Village from 6pm!

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Pirates of the Caribbean Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril Adventure Isle La Cabane des Robinson Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin La Plage des Pirates Blue Lagoon Restaurant Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost Restaurant Hakuna Matata Café de la Brousse Coolpost Le Comptoir du Capitaine La Girafe Curieuse Les Trésors du Shéhérazade Le Coffre du Capitaine Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost Temple Traders Boutique Captain Hook's Galley