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Brand New Magic!

New Entertainment

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade


High School Musical On Tour

New Attractions

Crush's Coaster

Cars Race Rally

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Stitch Interactive Attraction

New Themed Areas

Toon Studio

Hollywood Boulevard

Decorations & Atmosphere, 4 New Attractions, 2 New Themed Areas, and a whole lot of magic...

Whether the fifteenth year of Disneyland Resort Paris brings your very first visit or your proud fifteenth, the sheer amount of new attractions and entertainment is guaranteed to overwhelm and impress.  There's so much more to see, so many new pieces of magic to discover.  Think you've experienced Disneyland Resort Paris?  Think again...  For the biggest Disney party ever, Mickey Mouse and all his friends in Paris have gone all-out for a truly breathtaking list of brand new dreams.

Never before has a Disney Resort seen such an incredible wealth of new additions, imagination and pure talent in a single year, giving an unforgettable, unmissable atmosphere and a polish of pure quality to each and every moment as the party unfolds.

This year, the red carpet has been rolled out like never before...

Decorations & Atmosphere

• Disneyland Park all year

From Donald Duck to Mickey Mouse and the Cheshire Cat, all of the most famous Disney stars are helping to create a spectacular display of fifteen golden candles across the shimmering spires of Le Château!

• Disneyland Park until 30th September

The ten letters of 'Disneyland' welcome guests each and every day in a totally unique new performance. Follow the letters!

ImageMain Street Makeover

• Disneyland Park all year

Lumière brings a special anniversary sparkle to Main Street lined with banners and filled with festivity throughout its shops and eateries.

ImageMore Disney Characters

• Both Disney Parks all year

New character gatherings will bring both Disney Parks to life more than you've ever seen before. Step up and say hello!

New Entertainment

• Disneyland Park all year

A brand new parade making "once upon a dreams" come true every single day -  a spectacular mix of vibrant new floats, eclectic orchestral music, show-stopping performers and more characters than ever before.

• Disneyland Park all year

Every night, a glorious gathering of Disney characters heralds the grand illumination of the Castle's fifteen glowing candles.

• Disneyland Park all year

A brand new cavalcade brings extra magic to each and every day on Main Street - all aboard for the Character Express!

• Walt Disney Studios Park June to October

The High School Musical phenomenon goes "on tour" with a brand new live, interactive showcase of music, sport and friendship.

New Attractions

• Walt Disney Studios Park - NOW OPEN!

Dive into an action-packed "underwater" filmset and prepare to spin, swirl and swoop through the thrilling EAC, as Crush shows you the wonders of ocean life, from colourful clownfish to sharks and jellyfish!

• Walt Disney Studios Park - NOW OPEN!

The sleepy  town of Radiator Springs is about to be woken up... Get in gear and speed into the ultimate race rally spinout!

• Walt Disney Studios Park - January 2008

1939: The Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right, but something happened. And now, it's happening again. To YOU!

• Walt Disney Studios Park - January 2008

Enter Disney Channel Studios for a live link-up to outer space, where Stitch wreaks havoc and interacts live with the audience!

New Themed Areas

• Walt Disney Studios Park - NOW OPEN!

New colours, new details, and new sparks of imagination are transforming Animation Courtyard! This is a tribute to the art of animation - and a playful look at how those unforgettable films are made, written and directed... by the Toons themselves!

• Walt Disney Studios Park - Late 2007

The heart of Walt Disney Studios is set to come alive with the theme and buzz of Hollywood at the golden age of movies!

Stroll through an all-new 1950s Hollywood street set and discover countless landmarks amongst new fountains and greenery at every corner.