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25th AnniversaryIn Brief


Opening Date

Late 2007 / Early 2008


Surrounding Tower of Terror



What is 'Placemaking'?

Defining an area's location and time through new theming and storytelling.

Are these real stores and restaurants?

No, this is a new development of movie set façades to compliment the Tower of Terror and its location within the backlot of a movie studio.

Is Hollywood Blvd a separate land?

Upon opening, yes. However in the future the entire Production Courtyard will eventually become 'Hollywood Studio' with a second phase of works expected 2008-2009.


In parallel to the Toon Studio project, Production Courtyard is also receiving a far grander series of enhancements and additions, to eventually be renamed 'Hollywood Studio'.

Whilst the Hollywood Studio project will eventually encompass the whole of Production Courtyard, from Studio Tram Tour right the way around to Rendez-Vous des Stars Restaurant, this first major phase of work is taking place between Disney Studio 1 and Studio Tram Tour, adding around eight sets and façades to create an immersive and glamorous 'Hollywood Boulevard' area.

Designed to compliment The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and therefore known as "area development" in Imagineering terms, the sets will also lead on from where Disney Studio 1 begins, towards a tunnel in the Hollywood Hills doubling as a new entrance for Studio Tram Tour.

Many of the set elements, except notibly the backdrop and tunnel, will be similar to those found at Disney's two existing Hollywood streets.

First, Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard at Disney-MGM Studios Florida, opened between 1989 and 1994.  Second, Hollywood Pictures Backlot at Disney's California Adventure park (DCA), opened 2001.

Whilst these streets are similar to the traditional Main Street, where the façades hiding stores and restaurants in standard buildings behind, the Parisian Hollywood Boulevard will largely feature only the façades themselves, giving the effect of a true movie set development.


Full Project Plan

Hollywood Boulevard Area Plan
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