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At Disneyland Park

Disneyland ParkIn Brief



Every day during the 15th


Town Square to Central Plaza, Disneyland Park


8 minute journey to Central Plaza, 15 minute meet 'n' greet

Official Premiere

31st March 2007


Disneyland Park awakes each morning to a colourful character cavalcade created especially for the celebration, bringing a train full of classic Disney stars onto the streets of Disneyland to join the 25th Anniversary party.  With a gleaming new redesign and some very special passengers, Disney Characters' Express brings a real care-free atmosphere to Main Street USA throughout the morning and early afternoon.

This is your chance to rub noses with the VIPs of the Disney world, get cheek-to-cheek with a host of wild party animals or let your fantasies fly with fairytale friends.  Each day and every Character Express brings new faces and unexpected live surprises direct to you.

"All Aboard!"

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