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Walt Disney Studios Park Walt Disney Studios Park

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Opening Date

9th June 2007


Toon Studio - a transformed Animation Courtyard!


1 minutes 30 seconds


2 Adults, 2 Children per Car
12 Vehicles

Rated as

Childhood Dreams

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Welcome to the quaint, outback town of Radiator Springs. A sleepy little settlement that's about to be woken up!

Experience your very own road trip along Route 66 as only Pixar could imagine it, before pulling in to a familiar series of loud and vibrant locales from the film - Luigi's, Ramone's, even Doc Hudson's!

Then, after you enjoy a gas-guzzling good time at Flo's V8 Café, prepare to rev up your engines and put pedal to the metal... You're about to be let loose on the canyon film-set of Cars, for a wild Race Rally spin-out that sees you put all of Doc Hudson's wise advice into practice, for real!

Can you beat the rally spinout, or will you lose it all in a swirling desert dust cloud?  Start your engines... Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

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