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15 Years of European
Disney Dreams

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Through the years

History Timeline
Classic Brochures
Yesterland Resort Paris

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Including "Top 15" highlights from the resort's history.

More than 160 million guests, billions of euros, 21 new attractions, and 15 MAGICAL years...

The past fifteen years have provided Disneyland Resort Paris with a history it will never forget.  There have been good moments, not so good moments and some almost awful moments, but they're all part of the magic. They all helped to form the Disneyland Resort Paris we know today. They're what made the magic REAL.

Here we celebrate the most memorable moments from the resort's past and the real triumphs, the masterpieces of attractions, shows and parades, that fifteen years of Disney magic have produced - and that you should make sure not to miss during this special anniversary year.

Through the years


More coming throughout the anniversary year!

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