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Where does the 'Magic!' come from?

DLRP Magic! presents the magic of Disneyland Resort Paris in countless different forms. From the latest news and rumours on DLRP Today to the user-submitted opinions of DLRP Review, the facts and secrets of the DLRP Magic! Guidebook to the magic in motion at DLRP Magic! Video, we've grown to become arguably the largest Disneyland Resort Paris fan website on the internet and the most popular for English-speaking guests.

On this website, we hope to share magic for everyone - whether long-time fan of the European magic kingdom or a first-time visitor looking for a little practical advice, we aim to offer a complete guide and resource for everything Disneyland Resort Paris.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Guidebook and other projects be completed?

To use words similar to Walt Disney on Disneyland itself, DLRP Magic! will never be complete so long as there's magic left uncovered at Disneyland Resort Paris!

However, rarely a day goes by when something on the website isn't worked on - either news articles for DLRP Today, moderating reviews for DLRP Review, writing and publishing new Guidebook pages or uploading new Videos, there'../updates/">Updates page.

Who runs DLRP Magic! and maintains it on a daily basis?

The website was created by and continues to be run on a daily basis by Anthony N. Sheridan. You can spot Anthony as 'Baloo' on the magicforum. Anthony first visited the resort in the Summer of 2000, and has visited every year since, with trip numbers per year always inevitably on the up!

For many years DLRP Magic! has had a successful partnership with Photos Magiques, and this has grown to include many more websites from our group such as, and Of these projects, the creator of DLRP Magic!, DLRP Today and DLRP Review is directly involved only with the content of and the daily moderation of magicforum.

Who provides the photography for the website?

In recent months and years, we've begun to use mostly our own photography for the galleries and illustration of pages. If a photo can be expanded to full size (eg. on the Guidebook), you can usually see its source stamped onto the photo. Aside from our own photography, we exclusively feature photos pulled from the thousands of beautiful shots at Photos Magiques, along with some official photography provided by Disneyland Resort Paris, therefore marked © Disney.

No photography anywhere on this website should be reproduced without prior permission, regardless of its source.

Where do you get all the information from?

For our DLRP Magic! Guidebook, the information comes from countless sources, much of it simply the benefit of following and researching the resort online since as early as 2001 and making many visits to the resort itself. Fan forums such as magicforum are always a great place to dig up interesting facts, and the histories and Imagineering of the resort can be found detailed in many published books which we'../bibliography/">Bibliography page.

What software or services do you use to make the website?

The primary software used to create our pages is Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, with graphics created using Adobe Photoshop CS3. The main body of the website is created using PHP pages with designs and styles given in CSS files. Due to the complexity of the website with its various different page designs, we have not yet used a CMS (Content Management System) for these main pages and have no immediate plans to do so.

DLRP Today and DLRP Review are powered by WordPress, a free blogging platform which has been extensively customised and modified in both cases to serve our more magical needs.

Videos are created using Adobe Premiere Pro with titlecards by Adobe Photoshop. These are then uploaded to free services such as Dailymotion and Veoh.

Website hosting is provided by Lunarpages. We check all pages for errors in both Mozilla FireFox 2 and Internet Explorer 7. We recommend FireFox for the best DLRP Magic! experience.


Do you have your own question, not covered here? Get in touch!

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